How To Survive : Without a 9 to 5 Job

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Some people call it the Bohemian lifestyle while others prefer to call it hippie. Regardless of how you choose to label it, if you manage to support yourself without a 9 to 5 job you’re one savvy sister.  If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, here is my formula for supporting yourself without a 9 to 5.

Live Minimally
Reduce your standards. Do you need that fancy loft or can you handle the charm of a quaint studio? Until you have established yourself financially you should never live above your means or try to impress people with what you have, especially if you are not sure how you will maintain it. I’m not saying be frugal. I am saying learn how to be content with the basics until you position yourself to create abundance in your life.

Minimize Your Habits 
What do you do that consistently costs money? Whatever it is, minimalize it or stop it altogether. Socialize less. Drink less. Smoke less. Eat out less. Sit in the park more. Sleep more. Cook more. Walk more.

Pay Minimal Bills

Get the mid-grade cell phone. Buy the purse on sale. Don’t get the penthouse. Get a roommate. Buy a bike instead of a car. You don’t need 10 pairs of shoes.  Pay the basic rate on debts. Don’t go hungry to pay debts. Pay as much as you can without starving. If you can’t pay it- oh well. You won’t die.

 You Must Have Multiple Sources of Income

How To Survive Without a Job 2

Passive Income- Income you make without having to show up for it (Ebook sales, Affiliate Sales)

Wisdom For Sale- People will pay for your wisdom or information.

Use Your Hands- You have to learn how to make money using your hands. Make something to sell- Knitting, dinners, do hair, manicures, clean houses.

Government Assistance – Food stamps. Welfare. Make it a last resort. Do not make it a lifestyle. Think of it as poison. Don’t go near it if you don’t have to. You should never be proud to be cared for by the system. It isn’t a hustle, it’s laziness. You can feed yourself. Please try.

Sugar Daddy
Allow an older man to support you in what ever way you need. It is not gross or slutty or shameful. If it is his pleasure to do it, allow him to do it. Most older men love to care for younger women. Allow him to do what makes him happy. You can still be strong and accept assistance from a man who cares for you.

If all fails and you end up losing everything- Cry. Open your eyes. Step out boldly into the unknown. Let it happen. Nothing but adventure will follow.

If you want to hear me expound on this topic, check out this video.

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Leap and the net will appear. ~John Burroughs

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