How To Raise Your Standards For Life

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We all have a set of expectations for our lives which include the way we allow others to interact with us, the kind of jobs we pursue and the relationships we have in our lives. If for any reason, you find yourself wanting more, it’s okay to raise your standards, in fact, it is imperative.

Raising your standards for your life is a risk that many will not undertake simply because it requires effort and many of the people, places and things you were used to will have to be removed. Similar to a life change like a relocation, upgrading your life in any area will cause you to feel scared and uneasy because until you actually achieve the upgrade you will wonder if it is even possible for you.

It is.

You can have it.

You can have the better job with better pay.
You can have the man who adores you and never disrespects you.
You can have the friends who uplift you.
You can have the healthy body.

The strongest drawback to raising your standards for your life is the fact that when you make the decision to raise your standards, your whole world will seem to be against your decision.

When you decide that you no longer want to work a wage job, you will find that sharing this news with your wage-job working friends will cause unrest because they won’t understand or accept your decision. They may berate you, belittle you or even try to sabotage your efforts. For some reason when others see that you want more for your life and they believe they can’t have it, they will try to prove to you (sometimes unknowingly) that you can not have it either.

Raising your standards will take great effort on your part because you will have to be strong enough to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You have to be willing to lose everything you have to gain what you believe you want when there is no guarantee that you will ever be able to have it.

The key is to live your life as though your standard has already been met, accept no substitutions and be willing to let go of anything that does not meet your new qualifications.

Yes, they will laugh at you and tell you that you think you are better than they are. Yes, it will hurt as the world you know comes crashing down and you enter into new territory. No, it won’t feel good to have to say goodbye to family, fake friends and familiar complacency. It’s going to be tough but until you set a new standard, you won’t move forward in life.

Say goodbye to your old life. Raise the bar for your expectations and what you will accept in love, career and social interactions. Stick with it. Fight for it. Be willing to be alone if you can’t have the relationship you want. Be willing to downgrade your lifestyle if you can’t have the job you really want right away. Be willing to go out to dinner alone if you can’t surround yourself with the type of people who reflect what you really want from life.

It takes sacrifice and it hurts to be the odd woman out but in the end, your life will shift and all of those people who would not support the shift will be a distant memory.

You can do this.

Set a new standard.

Stick to it.

Receive it.

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