How To Create A Positive Outcome

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By Evelyn Robinson

We often sit around and fantasize about our perfect life. Most of us have the same goals, to be wealthy, successful or to find love. Whatever you imagine, we are all guilty of the same thing, sitting around and daydreaming instead of taking action. How can we break this cycle? How do we get out there and start finding the life we want?

Act the part 
There are many studies that back this up. They show that if you go out there and act like the kind of person you want to be, then you can become that person. OK, so it doesn’t mean that going out and pretending to be a millionaire will instantly make you rich, but that certain physical actions can affect your mind and help you to reach your goals. For example, smiling, even if you don’t feel like it, can make you happier. It also shows that adopting a power pose can make you more confident, useful when you’re in situations like job interviews and feel kind of overwhelmed! Why not use this in everyday life? Next time you go out, walk tall and be proud. Act positively towards people and see how they respond to you. You’ll often find that keeping a good attitude, even when you’re angry, will get you a lot further in life.

Look into the future 
Visualizing your future is important, and can help you to achieve your goals. Psychologists from the University of New York found that people who thought of their goal happening as likely, did better in a range of situations than those who just fantasized about something happening. How can you apply this to your life? Well, if for example you’re looking for a certain job, it’s better to start thinking ‘I AM going to get this job’ than ‘I would love to get this job’. Yes, there may be disappointments along the way, but you will overcome them. Moving on and constantly finding different goals can really help.

What can I do with my life? 
An important part of this is to set goals that are realistic. Not many of us can join the incredibly rich, but we have the potential to get a good job that we enjoy and can keep us comfortable. Some people like to keep a ‘bucket list’ of their goals, a list of things to do before they die, but how do you even go about deciding what to add? Psychologists have found that it’s better to choose things that also affect those around you, so try to think of some goals that include the people you love. If you want to achieve something very specific, it’s sometimes helpful to ask yourself why you want to do it. Do you want your dream job because it’ll impress others or because it’s something you really want to do? Do you want to visit a certain country because you love it, or do you just want to show off about your expensive vacation? Remember that your goals are to keep you happy, so don’t just make them about money or owning things.

Take care of the mental and physical 
Of course, if you have a more serious issue with negative thoughts, you could be suffering from depression. There are many ways to overcome this from licensed prescriptions to therapy, but it’s important not to suffer in silence. For many people, even short-term treatment can get them back on track and help them to think more positively. Your health in general often affects your mental state, so staying healthy in all regards can help your behavior patterns. Eating healthy, seeing a doctor when you are sick and getting plenty of sleep are all simple things, but they are very important to your mental health and helping you achieve your goals. Sometimes we have to take care of the basics before we can move onto the big things, so make a plan to feel healthier and stick to it. Whether it’s having some alone time, seeing friends or going for a walk, whatever you feel is best for you.

Do it today 
There is no better time to start these goals than right now. Are you reading this article because you are putting something off? Go and do it, and make sure there’s a smile on your face as you do! We don’t all achieve our dream lives, but with a great attitude a happy life is something achievable for everyone.

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