Find Free Treasures With FreeCycle

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I learned about FreeCycle when I was living in Houston. I was a nanny for a very savvy woman who gave me several tips about how to save money on your household needs. She showed me how to find a group in my area and register for it and then she showed me how to get the things I needed for FREE.

FreeCycle is a list of groups of people organized by neighborhood or city. When members of these groups want to give their homes an updated look, they often post their used household items on FreeCycle so that someone who needs it can come pick it up.

I gave away an Ann Taylor suit that I grew out of and I met a woman who gave me a jacket. When I had to move I gave away my bed and my coffee table on FreeCycle. None of it was damaged, I just didn’t need it anymore.

Be careful when you meet anyone online though. Offer to meet them in a public place like a supermarket parking lot to make the exchange or receive your free item. If you are giving something big away, like a couch or a dresser, have someone you trust at your house with you so that you are safe.

Visit FreeCycle’s website to find a group near you.

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