Protect Your Phone Number With Google Voice

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Do you wish that you could easily block calls from telemarketers or ex boyfriends who don’t know when to quit?

Do you have a gmail account?

If so, your problem is solved. You can set up a google voice account and your worries are over.

A google voice account gives you the option to choose a new telephone number to give out to anyone you please. All calls made to this new phone number can be routed to your cell phone, business phone or house phone and the caller will not know the difference.

You can also make calls using google voice by dialing your google voice number from your own phone and accessing your account.

Google voice also offers free voicemail. When a caller calls, you can opt to send them to voicemail. While they are leaving their message you can listen in and decide if you want to pick up the call or not. If you decide not to answer and they leave a message, their message will be transcribed for you and sent to you as a text message.

If you no longer wish to receive calls from a specific person, you can log in to your account online and block their number.

The only problem I have with using my google voice number is the fact that I don’t have it memorized yet and when I meet people and I am out of business cards, I tend to give out my regular number so that I can keep in touch.

For My Savvy Sisters: Can you think of someone you WISH didn’t have your number? Have you ever had to change your number because you were tired of someone calling?

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