Te-Erika’s Diary: I Found My First Grey Hair

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I found my first grey hair last night. I’ve found one or two down below over the last few years so it’s not like I had never seen one but to find one on my temple made me drop the mirror I was holding.

I’m aging.

I’m in the middle of my life probably. Let’s say I live 35 more years, this is middle aged for me and I’m okay with that. So now that I’m middle aged I have to face the facts that my body is changing and so is my hair.

One strand on my temple will turn into two and then a dozen and I’m ready to chop it all off and make the whole thing silver! I’m kind of excited! I’ll be a cute ass old lady that people will say- I bet back in the day you were super fine!

I’m actually ready to go completely grey. This one publisher I had back in Miami, her hair was so amazing!! It was completely silver! Ms. Reeves! Ms. Reeves had the most beautiful hair in the world! And it was all natural.

I’m ready to embrace my old age. I won’t be a hot old lady but I’ll be damn close to it! And I’ll probably go back to my low cut and rock white hair with my eyebrows done and my muscles from working out and being a fit woman. And I’ll be wealthy too!

OMG! I don’t need to be young and dumb and struggling like I have been. I think this new grey hair is a symbol of new beginnings! I’m excited! I hope more grey hairs come in soon!

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