Maybe Death Is a Reward

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Today I learned of the death of a really young and beautiful young lady by the name of Karis Wade. Karis and I met here in Los Angeles because she was a fan of my Youtube channel and went to a MeetUp to meet me. It was the episode where I went to the Arsenio Hall show.

What is amazing is, during this episode of my web series The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles, I took the time to tell the story of how I met Karis and how meeting her made an impact on me.

A friend of Karis called me today to tell me that she had passed away suddenly and without explanation. She said she found my number in Karis’s phone and wanted to send over contact information for funeral arrangements.

When I hung up, I couldn’t believe the news I had just heard. As you can hear in the video, when I met this young lady all I could think was how much of an awesome life she was destined to have. She was one of those people you felt was just going to be happy- no matter what.

Now she’s gone.

After the death of my aunt at the beginning of this year which fueled my growing obsession with deathbed vision stories I have a different outlook on death and see it as a sort of homecoming and graduating to the next level in our existence. I have a mixture of jealousy and sadness about her death but I know she is truly free. I feel sad for her family because she talked about her mother so highly as though they were extremely close. She even said that her mother was her best friend.

I’m processing my feelings about this because for some reason the horrible people in life don’t die young, only the sweethearts which leads me to believe death is a reward and not a punishment.

All I know is, I have a headache right now. I need something good to happen.

Karis Wade - November 2013

Karis Wade – November 2013

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