7 Signs You Might End Up Changing The World

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Do you think you’re crazy? Well, maybe that is a good thing. It takes a ‘different’ type of woman to change the course of the future and an even more courageous woman to first believe she can. Take a moment to compare yourself to these 7 traits of people who change the world and see if maybe you’ve mistaken crazy for legendary.


You Don’t Fit In

Everyone seems to be marching to one beat and you’re off by a half second because your bra strap keeps falling down. You can’t seem to understand why everyone says black is not an acceptable color to polish your nails. You want to talk about politics and world affairs while everyone else is debating the latest antics on reality television. You don’t fit in and you wonder if maybe you were dropped off on this planet by mistake. Maybe it’s because you were meant to change the world.


You Dropped Out of School

You know you’re smart. You don’t necessarily determine that by how many degrees you have. You understand the fundamentals of succeeding in school and once you figured it out you became bored. You needed something different and you realized that the path you were on wouldn’t satisfy that. You dropped out of school much to the dismay of everyone around yet, since then you have been much more fulfilled than you have ever been. Everything thinks you’ve permanently hurt your chances at success but maybe it’s because you were meant to change the world.

You Have Something To Prove

Someone hurt you in your past. There was a time when you felt that you didn’t measure up. You failed during a competition and the loss hit you hard. Regardless of the specific reason you have made it your mission to make your life bigger than the movies, you’ve invested your entire life and livelihood into making your dreams come true. You want to make your life count. You want to be bigger and better than the average person. You know you were meant for something more than the life your parents mapped out for you. Your dreams are bigger than your capabilities but you don’t care because you want to be sure that everyone in history remembers that you existed. Maybe it’s because you were meant to change the world.

You Believe You Were Meant To Help People

Ever since you were little you were an organizer. You organized the games at recess. You created play groups in your neighborhood. You grew to become a devoted committee member and everyone you knew wanted you to be on their team. You weren’t concerned with having things done exactly your way as much as you were concerned with making sure that everyone was having a good time. You didn’t need the applause for your helpfulness. Your satisfaction came at the end of a long day when your team members expressed how much they appreciated you. There were times when you felt over extended because you were neglecting your own health and well-being to nourish others. You’ve tried to seek a balance but you realize that you are a servant at heart. Maybe you feel obligated to care for others because one day you might change the world.


You Challenge The Status Quo

There’s a right and wrong way to do things; or is there? There’s a straight forward path to success. Right now you’re thinking: hogwash. You color outside of the lines and you are content to squint your eyes and re imagine a new picture for your life. You are inventive and you can’t seem to fathom living your life by someone else’s rules and expectations.

If it’s considered normal, you reject it. If it looks conventional, you spit on it. You are one of the great visionaries who are crazy enough to imagine a different outcome for your future and the future of those you impact but even more adventurous enough to take action so that your vision will become a reality. Maybe it’s because one day you might change the world.


You Believe You’re Special

You were chosen and you know it. You were placed in your current situation by some sort of glitch in the matrix. Any minute now you will rise up and re take your throne. In the meantime, you’re practicing and you’re focused on preparing yourself for your ascension. You haven’t spared any expense in grooming yourself for the riches and the fame that you know you will achieve once your time has come because you believe you are worth it. One day you will transform into the woman you believe you are in your heart and it is not far-fetched because you believe that anything can happen.  Some days you wish you could give away the burden of it all due to the magnitude of how much is riding on your one life, but you know you can’t walk away from it. This is the life chosen for you and you have to complete your mission. Because of this one day, you just might change the world.


You Believe You Can

You have a dream. Your dream is to impact the world on a global scale through your particular passion. You can see it clearly with each decision you make. Your plan is unfolding just as it should and you have no doubts about your ability to stand up and become the leader that this world needs. While everyone around you may doubt themselves, you take it as a great responsibility that the vision you have been given will be expressed through you. You know you have what it takes. You understand your powers in this life at this time and you are willing to release them for the good of all mankind. Maybe that is because you are destined to change the world.

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