How To Get Over Disappointment

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We’re not in our 20’s anymore.

Any adult female over 30 must have learned by now that life doesn’t always deliver our desires on a silver platter. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you learn how to enjoy life even when things seem to go haywire you’ll learn the secret to enlightenment.

That is what enlightenment really is. Enlightenment is when you get to a point where your circumstances do not dictate how you feel about yourself and your quality of life. When you can smile and be at peace through most circumstances in life, you have achieved enlightenment.

On our way to learning how to do this, there will be many emotions and frustrations and obstacles but these obstacles come to show us the way to enlightenment, not to derail us from being happy.

If you have a hope for your life and you find that it is not happening as quickly as you would like it to or you realize that it may never happen, there is a way to get over the disappointment.

In order to get over disappointment that what you want is not happening right now or may never happen all you have to do is create a new hope for yourself.

What else is it that you can imagine would make you smile?

Maybe you didn’t get the job you were hoping for but what else could happen that would make you brag to others about your good fortune?

Maybe the person you’re interested in just got married to someone else but what else could you do to give yourself more value?

If you can answer either of these two questions you are well on your way to creating a new desire and after going for it, you’ll see that you now have something new to look forward to.

Being disappointed is normal and natural and it doesn’t mean that you’re weak at all. Being disappointed shows you were emotionally attached to your desire because in your mind you thought it would bring satisfaction.

It probably would have brought satisfaction but you never know. It could have brought calamity. Replace that desire with another desire and try to become more balanced knowing that whether this particular desire comes to pass or not, you’ll still be okay in life.

You know just what to do.

Trust yourself.

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