Why Are People Mocking Trayvon Martin’s Death?

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It happened more than a year ago, but we are still feeling the sting. As millions watch the George Zimmerman trial that will lead to the conviction or acquittal of the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, emotions are high. There is a definite stinch in the air and it smells like a racial tension to me.

While Black mothers everywhere are shaking their heads and crying real tears at the thought of their own children being victimized by overzealous crime watchers and racial profiling, the internet is blazing with those who believe this young man’s death is a joke.



Angry Trayvon App Screen Shot

First we have the creators of the Angry Trayvon app, which allowed users to BE Trayvon Martin, armed and shooting “bad guys” as he walks through the neighborhood.



JOkes about Trayvon Martin Death 2

Then we have the photos of people Trayvoning, posing for pictures as the slain youth complete with the infamous bag of skittles and can of Iced Tea.


JOkes about Trayvon Martin Death

We also have people suggesting that dressing up as Trayvon Martin for Halloween as a joke.


How is this possible? How can we forget that a young man lost his life for no reason other than a night watchman panicked and fearfully shot him? Where is our compassion for Trayvon’s family and the many mothers who dutifully  say a prayer when their sons leave the house?

The outcome of this trial will impact this country, it will impact the children, it will impact the way Blacks view other races. It will sting, it will create a shift. It will remind them of slavery and all of the hardships and anger that we have tried to move past.

The public waits as the trial comes to a conclusion today. Social media sites are littered with profiles being Blacked Out (Users changing their profile pictures to Black squares) in support of Justice For Trayvon. Some criticize those who choose to Black Out their profile saying that it will not impact the verdict yet, the public needs a way to show they care despite being powerless in the situation.

I am so sorry that this has happened, and worse yet, I am sorry for the tears I have shed and will shed for this situation because crying tears is not enough. It will not erase the pain or heal the chasm that the results of this trial will create.

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