Don’t Peak Too Early

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Are you baffled by the fact that the best stuff on your life’s To-Do list hasn’t been checked off yet? Are you impatient about achieving your goals and seeing everything come together? Are you beating yourself up every night because your dream didn’t come true that day?

Yeah. Me too.

I threw a major hissy fit last night. No, I wasn’t depressed. I was super mad at myself and wondering what the hell I am doing wrong where I’m not a millionaire literary giant with my own speaking tour and mansion. What the hell? I know I have the talent, why hasn’t my time come yet?

I decided to give up. I’m giving up on trying to figure out WHY it hasn’t happened yet and continuing to focus on doing what I love to do. After I gave up being miserable about it, the answer was very simple. It actually came to me as that small still voice in my intuition. It said: Don’t peak too early.

I sat up in bed astonished by what I heard. My mind whirled with images of people who achieved success so early in life that their later years told the tale of a steady decline into oblivion. Should I really have made all of my dreams come true by now? If so, what would I have to look forward to later?

Since nothing is permanent and all of life’s circumstances are on a cycle, maybe now is the perfet time to keep building and growing and making a foundation for myself. That’s what I’m doing; I’m building.

Imagine if I had already peaked at age 25, could I handle the decline of my youth, my health and my life dreams all at the same time?

Whoaaa buddy! Hold your horses, fate! I’m not ready to think about the end just yet but, I’m 32. This is a very nice age; young enough to still wonder if dreams come true, but old enough to recognize that you have to work to make them happen.

I’m okay right here. I’m okay right now.

Life is pretty good right here. I don’t have to compare myself to women who are twice my age or who have been working for decades longer than I have.

I have time, I think. If I don’t, I won’t be able to miss out because I will be dead already.

It’s too early for me to peak if I have a long life ahead of me. Let me slow down, dive into my goals and learn as much as I can before the whirlwind begins.

I forgive myself for being so hard on myself. I love myself. I thank myself.

I am okay where I am.

It’s coming. The longer it takes the longer it will last.

I am okay.


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