Two Distinct Personality Types in Business

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In the world of business, there are two distinct personality types, the Drivers and the Wheels. Equally important, the two play an interdependent role in the success of the venture. Neither personality type is more important than the other; the two are interdependent and both should take care in knowing that without the other, they both lose. Recognizing your type and strengthening your confidence in your role will benefit your work and personal life.

The Drivers
The Drivers in business are the visionaries. They have the responsibility of navigating the business and making sure that those who support it are nourished and capable of pushing the vehicle forward.

The Benefits
Drivers do not have to do much of the repetitive grunt work that the Wheels have to do. The sweat they put into the business is often fanned away by the air conditioning in their office and when the company succeeds, they are the ones in the public eye receiving the praise. Their strength lies in strategizing, studying and taking the big risks.

The Drawbacks
Drivers have more responsibility than most can imagine. Their efforts and their mistakes affect a multitude of people under their employment so they have more to consider when they make a decision than most. They can rarely rest because being a Driver is more than a full time job, it is a lifestyle. A Driver can’t be a master at just one area, they must be proficient in nearly every area of their business or savvy enough to delegate responsibility properly. There are no real vacations for the Driver because their mind is driven by the status of the company. Drivers are also the ones to experience the public shame of failure when their ideas do not equate to success.

The Wheels

The Wheels of the business go round and round. They have to be properly taken care of to carry the vision of the Driver and without the Wheels, the Driver can move the vision forward.

The Benefits
The main benefit of being a Wheel is the opportunity to leave work at work. After work hours, the Wheel can enjoy her family, entertain herself and focus on enjoying other areas of her life. She has one specific function within the company and if she performs that function to the best of her ability, she can rest assured that she is a part of the complete success of the business.

The Drawbacks
One of the drawbacks of being a Wheel is the fact that you are sometimes held back by leaders who only believe you can accomplish specific roles within the organization. Your leadership ability is measured, debated and often minimized by leaders who know that you function well in your role and want to keep you there to ensure that role is filled competently.

For My Savvy Sisters- Which role do you play in business and in life and why do you love your role?

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