Top 10 Signs of Mental Maturity In Women

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When a woman’s grown up this is how you can tell.

1. We let go of the idea that there is a prescribed timeline of events for life. We release the expectations of life milestones and begin to look at life as it really is, an unscripted adventure. We allow others to live their lives as they wish, without judging them because we appreciate being free to do the same.

2. We release the notion that other women are our competition. All efforts to sabotage the success of other women becomes silly to us and we seek to form alliances instead of enemies.

3. Instead of believing unfavorable circumstances will leave permanent scars that we will never recover from, we understand that those scars are really the seasoning that makes our lives flavorful. We learn to roll with the punches.

4. We understand that we are no longer teenagers and we begin to appreciate our bodies as they are. Good health takes precedence over a flat stomache and we become grateful for LIFE.

5. We stop believing everything we hear and stop repeating gossip and idle conversation that are of no benefit to us.

6. We do what makes us happy, regardless of what others think.

7. We stop trying to prove how knowledgable we are and begin to understand that there is a lot to learn from others.

8. We learn to forgive ourselves quickly.

9. When choosing romantic partners, pleasant companionship becomes more important than passion.

10. We understand that all endings lead to new beginnings and begin to appreciate the cycle of life.

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