If A Stranger Calls You Baby, Sexy or Sweetie, This is How You Respond

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What is going on with the women in this world? We now become offended when a man says something nice to us? There are worse words than being called Baby, Sexy or Sweetie, honey.

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When I saw the link for a Tee Shirt that reads: Sexy & Baby & Cutie & Honey & Sweetie Is Not My Name I couldn’t help but be offended on behalf of all men. When did we turn into a society of women who don’t appreciate nice things. A man calling us bitches or hoes is something to be offended by, the word Sweetie is not.

Let it go. Let down your guard. Not every man is out to hurt you. Notevery man is trying do diminish your shine. Why would you be offended by a term of endearment even if the person who says it is not endearing to you. I promise you, when a man uses a word like that he is trying to make you smile.

Why are you offended by this? Why does a man asking you to smile hurt your feelings? He’s asking you to smile because he’s trying to start a conversation with you and break the ice and you frown at him and walk away offended as though he deserves that treatment for striking up a conversation with you.

Get over yourself. You are a gift to this earth but men are too. You need them just as much as they need you and you are not superior.

There are times when you should be offended by a man’s so-called compliments. If a man compliments any body part that you would never allow him to touch then you should be offended and put him in his place. Otherwise, understand that you are not a victim and the men of this world are not out to hurt you with their words, even if they are you have to allow it for it to happen.

If a man says ‘Hey Sweetie’ just smile and say, “Hello”. If he says, “Hey, Baby,” just smile and say, “Hey.”

If a man says ‘You’re a cutie’ just say “Thank you.”

Share some love. You don’t have to go any further than that. You can even choose to ignore him but don’t go so far as to be a bitter bitch by wearing a tee shirt like the one mentioned above. The words on it say one thing but what it really says is- I am not happy with myself and I do not feel safe in this world.

If you were happy on the inside, every word uttered to you would be a sincere compliment. If you felt safe you would be secure enough to accept a man’s attempt at affection.

Ask yourself why you don’t feel safe. Ask yourself if your worst case scenario, the thing you feared most from a man, were to come true, could you survive it?

You can.

You don’t have to feel unsafe anymore. Breathe. Smile. It won’t hurt. You can survive anything and flourish no matter what.

Accept the compliments before they run out.

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