5 Reasons Trendy Women Aren’t Cool

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You see them everywhere you go. You may even admire them for being up on the latest of everything, from shoes to hairstyles to vacation spots. They know where the hot spots are and they know how to put an outfit together with no problem.

But there IS a problem. These trendy women are not role models for My Savvy Sisters. Here’s why…

1. They are FOLLOWERS. They research and imitate what they see other people doing, wearing and going. Who wants to wear the latest styles if it means having someone else dictate what the latest styles are.

2. They won’t take a risk. You ever wonder why the trendiest people seem to fall behind in social trends that matter? It’s because they won’t take a risk to create a trend, they’re always waiting for someone else to pave the way and tell them what to do next so they’ll feel safe.

3. They’re stalkers. They are too busy watching others so they will know what to wear, where to go and how to think that they pay very little attention to their own personal growth.

4. They’re broke. Do you know how much money has to be invested in the art of keeping up with trends? They should be more like My Savvy Sisters and invest that money into something that will give them financial freedom but they won’t because to them, image is everything.

5. They’re always late. By the time the trendy woman figures out what the latest trend is, the trend SETTERS are already making a new one. Think about how long it took people to shift to Facebook or how many trendy people you know who have moved to a certain city only AFTER everyone they know has moved there.

Seriously, you could continue comparing yourself to them or you can decide to celebrate your own uniqueness. It’s okay NOT to be trendy, have the best outfits and be in the hot spots. Create your own hot spots that are unique to you and let your soul glow too!

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