The Model’s Uniform & Why It Works

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Fashion is fleeting. It reflects the ideas of the marketing strategies of the era. Whatever the clothing manufacturers want to sell more of, they push into fashion magazines, drape across celebrities and flaunt in fashion shows to convince you that this particular style will make you one of the beautiful people.

It won’t; but it sure does boost your confidence in a sick twisted way. It’s amazing that off the runway, you won’t see models and celebrities strolling casually in the strange combinations created by the fashionably elite. The truly beautiful don’t bother to accessorize much because they get enough attention as it is.

The model’s uniform is made up of 3 pieces.

1) The T-shirt – This is usually a plain white shirt and can have various sleeve lengths.
2) Jeans- These are worn in a variety of styles, lengths and condition.
3) Heels- Any color, any style, any height.

When the model combines these 3 simple pieces with a simple bracelet, sunglasses and a pair of earrings, she is already ready for the paparrazi.

Why This Works

The real secret to beauty isn’t the fancy hairstyles or expensive bags. The real secret to beauty is the confidence behind the clothes. Models already KNOW that they are beautiful so they don’t need to TRY to keep up with the latest trends. Knowing you are beautiful is your little secret that shines from every pore.

A true test of real beauty is to wear the Model’s Uniform everyday and not care what anyone thinks or says about you. Ditch the designer duds and expensive hairstyles that take attention away from your face and hide your shine. Dare to be simple and neat and beautiful without all the extra fuss.

You ARE beautiful and you don’t need to mimic the fashion magazines to prove it.

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