Dealing With Competitive Women At Work- Let Her Be The Queen

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There is at least one of these women at every job. She just HAS to be number one. She reminds you of how many awards she’s gotten. She criticizes you every chance she gets and often spreads rumors about your work ethic and personal life so that she can seem to be the most dedicated and the most favored. She’s the first to volunteer for extra duty and is constantly walking behind the manager smiling while saying, “Yes Ma’am,” hoping to stay on their good side.

You can’t even make a suggestion without her trying to one up you. It was funny at first but now it’s downright annoying.

How do you handle competitive women in the workplace?

Easy. You let them win.

Any woman who feels she has to compete with you is letting you know that she sees you as a threat. My Savvy Sisters know that there is no competition on the divine plane. What is yours is yours and no one can take it away.

We don’t compete. We don’t feel threatened. We merely step into our rightful places when the time arrives. We believe in our abilities and never view any other woman as someone who can take away our blessings.

Let the competitive woman at work win. If she is that dedicated to being #1 at a company that she does not own then that is her business. Let her exhaust her efforts in trying to remain on top while she throws dirt on others. Let her be the queen of the office and be okay with that. Your current job is not your final resting place. You will move on from there. You will do much more. She may remain inside those four walls, spinning her wheels, holding firm to her perceived status for the rest of her life. It is none of your concern.

Walk tall. Do your best and do not look to your manager or boss for your sense of self worth. Your self worth comes from knowing you are doing your very best. You are contributing what you have to offer and your poise and patience will be appreciated- when you get the hell out of there and start your own business. Remember, this is TEMPORARY.

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