The Real Reason Mariah Carey Married Nick Cannon

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We all watched in fascination as Mariah Carey’s amazing vocal range and sizzling presence catapulted the New York native to stardom soon after the release of her self-titled debut album at the tender age of 20. There are many women who wished they were Mariah because her beauty is stunning and her talent is world renowned. She has worked with many of the most notable artists on the planet, their collaborations topping the charts, earning her a solid fortune and magnified fame.

Unfortunately the glitter over her name didn’t sprinkle onto her love life. She ached through a series of relationships with controlling men who never recognized her value as a woman. As I tap into my intuition, it tells me that Mariah was so wrapped up in securing a long term relationship that she lost herself in trying to please the majority of these men. When a woman places sustaining a relationship over being true to her desires and acting out an authentic personality her worth is diminished immediately in the eyes of the one she hopes to keep.

The only way to fully engage in a love that will stand the test of time is to be willing to be without it. Mariah’s compromising ways with the men in her past may have caused her to lose out on love.

Now that she has enjoyed a healthy marriage with the Nickelodeon darling, Nick Cannon, I can sense that Mariah has taken a different approach to love. Nick Cannon, a sketch comedy host and comedian who is 10 years younger than Mariah, is clearly not someone anyone would have bet would catch the singer’s eye. But, that is why this relationship works, it is not a normal attraction for Mariah and thankfully, there is no business relationship, competition for the limelight or struggle for power.

Mariah Carey’s relationship works because Nick Cannon adores her. He is not seeking to change her or capitalize on her talent. He adores her. He is her biggest fan. At the same time Mariah is involved in a completely different dynamic than she is used to. Instead of trying to gain attention and favor from her partner, she is well aware of her status as a music icon and as a powerful woman. She does not need to prove herself or make an effort to gain his love.

She is dominant in the relationship and Nick is more than willing to worship and appease his Queen. For decades Mariah tried to prove her worth in romantic relationships; in this one she simply stepped into it. The real reason Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon and the reason why this relationship works is, Mariah doesn’t have to try to make it work.


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