Te-Erika’s Diary: The Process of Creation

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So I’ve been doing a lot of creating lately while I try to keep myself afloat financially. I’ve been selling marketing ideas on Fiverr and I’m still trying to find a steady writing gig.

I’ve created a few new blogs and I have to tell you about them too. First I created Moving to LA TODAY, which was created out of a need to offer information to people who are moving to LA. The idea was nagging in my mind for about a week after I created the Facebook page for people who are moving to LA, so they could connect with others and stop trying to socialize with me. Then the idea came to place information online for people so they could find it and BINGO- make a new blog Te-Erika. Turn it into a business Te-Erika. Offer tours. Create a MeetUp group. Sell ads. Help people find jobs. Help people find housing. You can do it all, Te-Erika.

Ha! Yes, I can. And I did. I set that business up but then the bills came knocking so I couldn’t focus on it as much as I really wanted to and still can’t because I’m late on all of my bills.

Anyway. Then I created another blog because, people really want information about FEMDOM, female domination so I saw how much traffic I was getting for this one article about female domination and I knew that the audience for that was craving something new so I had to give it to them. I created Conquer Him. I am still pulling that together. I hope it comes together soon because those people interested in that topic are so anxious and waiting, asking when I am going to update.

Then I created Abuse Is Not A Secret. This one is different from the others in that the content is reader generated and I ask therapists and healers to submit articles about their healing processes as well. This one is a bit tough to market and I try to find abuse groups to join so I can share my content but I keep getting kicked out. One group said my content was too explicit,it was graphic detailing a scene from abuse but the story ended with the abuser saying he was sorry and trying to make amends.

When I joined the group it was filled with wailing women posting about their traumas and no one said that was too graphic. Sometimes I don’t know what to offer women to help them heal and without feedback, I can’t correct myself and I don’t have anyone who’s opinion I hold that important to call. I wish I did. I really do.

So I’m working on all of these projects PLUS the Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles and I’m trying to figure out how to skip this stage I seem to be stuck in- poverty-hungry-misery-toiling away. And alone at that.

But you know what? Through all the craziness, I say, well, I know, that I always end up just fine. Nothing ever hurts me permanently and the times when I am down, I bounce back. Always.

Maybe this is meant for me to do this alone. Maybe this is supposed to happen like this so that I could know how to survive by myself and I will never fear loss again because I know how to lose and then prosper.

You know what I really want? Besides crab legs and buffalo wings and blue cheese and a brownie- I want my sons to see me prosper. I really want them to see that you can build something with your brain and you can push you ideas and make them into something wonderful. I need them to see that.

I truly believe that if you devote all of your love to something then you will have a moment, even if it’s brief, to shine because of that thing you love so much.

Looking forward to my time.

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