You Don’t Have To Be ‘Positive’ To Be Happy

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As the new age teachings bombard us with the message- BE POSITIVE, many of us find ourselves with another cross to bear. I for one can’t seem to think positively all the damn time.

Sometimes I get scared.

Sometimes I feel like things won’t work out.

Sometimes I just know that the person smiling at me is a big fat LIAR.

But no, I’m supposed to be positive and think of gummy drops and rainbows. That’s not going to happen. We’re HUMAN. We experience a range of emotions that exist and balance each other, one helping to define the next.

Instead of trying to be ‘positive’ all the time, here is what you should strive for.

Life is about balance. Life is about understanding the ebbs and flow of life. You can’t be UP without coming down, and you will never stay DOWN without floating back up. It doesn’t matter where your emotions are right now or your circumstances, it is important to understand that- THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Nothing is permanent. Nothing ever stays the same. Step away from whatever state of mind you are in right now and look at it as though it is a plastic ball in your hand. In a few days, hours, or maybe even years, that ball will be gone. In order to experience a happy, peaceful life, you must be willing to drop the ball or allow it to float away in the ocean.

Your circumstances are not yours to keep. Your life isn’t even yours to keep. Your emotions are based on whatever thought you are choosing to focus on at the moment, so even those can be shifted with practice.

Instead of trying to think happy thoughts in every moment, step outside of the circumstance you are in and play GOD, viewing the scenario from afar. If you are timeless being and can see the beginning and end of time, there has to be an end to all suffering, there has to be a transition from one phase to the next. You can see it all from your new vantage point so smile at it and learn to trust that you will make it through each peak and valley of life.

You will.

You don’t have to be positive, you just have to trust that nothing is permanent, no circumstance defines you and nothing will ever break you.

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