Poll Results: How Different Was Your Life This Time Last Year?

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MySavvySisters.Com posted a poll that asked its readers to answer the question: How Different Was Your Life This Time Last Year?

Of the women who responded:

10% answered – A few minor changes
40% answered – I see progress
30% answered – I am a new woman
20% answered – This year was a disaster

Analysis– What does this poll say about how My Savvy Sisters viewed their life’s progress?
My Savvy Sisters are moving forward in life!
The 10% who reported that their lives had changed just a little are probably those who too few risks and remained stagnant in their pursuit of their dreams. These 10% of women polled played it safe, clinging to the familiarity of their lives satisfied by the way things are.

40% of women polled reported that they see progress. This means the majority of women polled noticed a significant change in their physical or spiritual circumstances and are proud that they have moved forward in life.

30% of women polled believe that their lives have changed so much that they are completely reknewed. They understand that CHANGE equals progress and they are not afraid of it.

20% answered ‘this year was a disaster’. These 20% of women polled do not yet understand that all disasters lead to new beginnings. If you are one of the women who considered this year to be a disaster decide to appreciate a new perspective about it. If you’ve been praying for change be prepared to mourn because most significant change begins with a loss in order to make room for the new.

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