Te-Erika’s Diary: Why I Get Psychic Readings

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I got my first psychic reading back in the late 2000’s but that was only because a reader of my personal blog offered me one and I try to support the arts, or at least that is what my mentality was back then.

I don’t remember much of what she said, but I think it wasn’t fluffy at all. She said there was no love around me, I was struggling financially and that I would experience a reprieve. All of that was true, but it didn’t convince me she was real, I just said thanks and moved on.

A couple of years later, I was walking with my sons in Hollywood, Florida when we came upon an art walk and we decided to stop and enjoy the scene. One of the stores had a man offering tarot readings so I decided to participate for 5 bucks.

During this reading his expression changed from focused to a bit of fear as he turned over the TOWERtower card. Although I try to study all different types of subjects and had read a bit about tarot, I didn’t know what the TOWER meant. I went home and looked it up and the website said that the Tarot meant that up until that point my life had been built on a false foundation and everything would fall away soon. I was a bit discouraged and confused as I was in my final stretch of grad school and hoped to be able to support myself without working two jobs after I graduated.

As I read on I learned that although the TOWER seems to be a scary card, it is actually a symbol of a new beginning. After the rubble of the past falls away, a new foundation will be built and this one will be stronger and more sustainable.

Then it happened.

I lost both of my jobs AND my car in one weekend. I dropped out of grad school. My best friend and I also stopped speaking, after a 14 year relationship. My other close friends and I severed contact as well. My whole world flipped upside down.

I kind of freaked out a bit as I scrambled trying to figure out what to do next but I had no clues. All of a sudden I get an email from that woman who gave me the reading before and she mentioned that she had a bit of advice for me to help me get on track.

She said that she saw me starting a website for women, to offer resources and help during times of crisis. Since I wasn’t working at that point and I had no clue what else to do, I decided it would be worth a shot.

This is the website you are reading right now.

She didn’t tell me HOW to do it or WHAT to write, she didn’t even have knowledge of how to do it, she just offered a suggestion and I had to do all of the work. I put my heart and SOUL into this project because I soon found that it delighted me so much and fulfilled me in a way that no other previous job had done. Although I strayed away from her initial idea of simply teaching women how to maintain financially when they are going through a rough time, I believe I am now really empowering women by teaching them how to handle life’s complexities in all areas, instead of simply enabling them to maintain at a poverty level.

I enjoy doing this so much!

I fused my counseling skills with my blogging skills to execute my very first women’s empowerment outreach called The Love My Body Experiment where I donned a bikini for the first time in my adult life and walked around in public asking people to take pictures of me and discuss body image.

This lit my soul on fire!

As I struggled financially eating chips and honey buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I realized that my savings and funds would soon run out.  I was fearful about my ability to survive so I decided to throw caution to the wind and face my fear of being a failure by MAKING it happen. This is when I created The Rebuild Your Life Project where I gave away everything that I owned and became homeless on purpose to use my skills as a journalist to document what it takes to overcome extreme failure and homelessness. That was a life changing exercise of faith and perseverance and I will never be the same again.

A year after that women’s empowerment project ended, I decided to do another installment in a continued effort to market my skills as a crisis management and life transition coach. I then allowed my readers to choose a city for me to move to and I would move there with no friends, family, place to live, or job just to teach how to navigate a relocation. The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles was born and I survived and thrived in Los Angeles for more than a year.

Now some may say that I am silly for taking her advice but really how silly is it to recognize a great idea and then TRY it. She didn’t choose my website’s name or write a single one of the 800 plus articles on this site. I had to do all of that and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

As I move forward in reaching my business goals of turning this website into a media platform that reaches women around the world, I have hit a few snags here and there.  Because I am an encouragement and resource for guidance and support for women there are rarely occasions when I have someone that I respect and admire enough to ask for their opinion or advice.

Most people are headed in directions that I refuse to go in. They want long term jobs, marriage and spiritual success as related to following a religion. They play it safe. I do not. They are waiting to met someone who will give them permission and resources to help them move forward and I am completely not into asking for permission from anyone for my dreams. Since I do not have anyone who can teach me how to be a renegade, I have to make decisions for myself every time.

I do adore women who are connected to a spiritual source and I review and promote them every chance I get so that you will know who I believe is sincere or who is faking it.

The reason I believe that there is SOMETHING out there with advance knowledge of our life paths is based solely on my interactions with seers, or psychics and quite frankly, my choice to believe them.



These days I do have a psychic that I contact every once in a while for entertainment, clarification about issues that went on in my past or to gain a new perspective on ideas to expand my business goals. I usually ask about the ideas I have and how I can improve them and I get solid answers that I implement and they work out fine.

To be honest, I use my current choice of a psychic as a way to gauge whether or not my latest approach  or idea on expanding my business will work out or if I need to shift it, but it also provides me with an incredible amount of emotional relief for more personal or trivial matters. I found Blondey on Fiverr and her satisfaction rate is 99% which is outstanding because people online are more likely to complain than they are to praise someone for their work.

With so many outstanding and far reaching goals, I don’t believe that any of my real friends will be able to advise or encourage me because their opinions are fear based and I do not care about losing so I take great risks that most would never do. That is when a psychic comes in handy. She never says that I am CRAZY or FOOLISH or tells me to go get a job. She tells me how to make what I am doing expand and paints a picture of what she sees happening if I stick with my goals.

I do need encouragement and advice at times and this is how I get it. There is no other way for me as no one I know is heading my way in life, at least not in such a radical way. I need out of the box advice if I want to achieve out of the box results.

I meet psychics quite often either from the work that I do as a journalist or from the attracting them due to my energy. Most recently,  one of my roommates revealed to me that she is a seer (psychic), without me even telling her that I respect and admire those with elevated connections. She offered her predictions for my future as well.

What’s In My Future?


I have probably had 6 different women and 1 man do psychic readings for me during the past few years. The first man is the one who gave me the TOWER prediction during his tarot reading.

The second was that woman who predicted that if I started a website for women, I would be a success. Then there is my current psychic Blondey on Fivver and there have been other random readings like the one with my roommate and even a friend’s Mom who contact ME to offer their insights for some reason.

Most of their predictions have not come true yet and I received the first one when I was 31. I am 34 now and I’m still eager to see some of these things manifest in my life, or at least the evidence of it. To be honest, most of the things that were predicted were cross predicted by more than one psychic.

Here is a list of things that various psychics have said will happen to me.


1. I will be a source of encouragement and support for ALL women.

2. I will meet a man who will adore and truly love me and we will get married at the age 35. This man is of a different race and he will be at least 10 years older than I am.

3. My work will gain national attention and will be highly respected and celebrated.

4. I will become an extremely powerful woman.

5. I will lead a movement that will be revered and feared by many.

6. I will have a following of students and supporters that will number in the millions.

7. I will live a happy life filled with pleasures, travel and luxury.

8. My sons will return to my care and my “husband” will love them just as much as he loves me.

9. I will become an organizer of seminars both online and in person and many will come to hear  me speak and others will participate too.

10.My financial status will improve, and in a big way by late 2013. After that I will be on cruise control for the rest of my days.


While all of this sounds absolutely fantastic, I see no evidence of any of it in my life right now. I am living in shared housing in Long Beach trying to raise money for a grant. My sons are living with their father in Florida and are doing extremely well. I have no love in my life and not even a damn LOVER so I cant imagine any of this coming to pass but sometimes I sit and think about it and wonder what if it’s true. What if all the sacrifice and hard work does result in something beautiful? What if my life fell apart just so that I could REBUILD IT just like the TOWER tarot card predicted?

You never know. We’ll just have to wait it out and see.


SIDE NOTE*** I am no longer accepting free readings from psychics. Please do not contact me about that. Thank you. ~Te-Erika

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