Why Oprah Will Never Get Married

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Oprah Winfrey is the unelected Queen of the Free World. With all of Oprah’s money, power and fame it makes sense that she has been single forever since women who are this powerful are often unable to meet someone who matches their prosperity.

Oprah has been ‘partnered’ with Stedman Graham in 1986. As a business man he has achieved a certain level of success which will never be matched by Oprah, but that is simply inconsequential to the fact that Oprah broke off her engagement to Stedman in 1992. No, it had nothing to do with the reported $100 Million prenuptial agreement. At this point, Oprah isn’t concerned with losing her wealth. It’s something deeper.

If you have ever heard about Oprah’s rocky love history you’ll notice a common theme. She was addicted to men, catered to them, even begged them for their love and none of them ever budged on being labeled ‘Oprah’s One’. Then Stedman came along and Oprah’s quest for love was finally requited. Why then, merely 6 years after meeting a handsome and dedicated man did Oprah decide that marriage was not an option?

The answer is simple. Underneath all of the bravado, Oprah is a submissive woman. You can understand this when you read the stories about how her biggest, most successful business ventures were often suggested and validated by the men in her life.

Roger Egbert, a highly successful film critic dated Oprah and pushed her to syndicate her talk show. Stedman, her current lover and life partner suggested that she start her own TV network.

Someone once shared a story about being in a business meeting with Oprah at her home when Oprah interrupted the meeting to make a plate of food and deliver it to Stedman. After the ooh’s and aahh’s died down upon her return to the meeting, Oprah was sure to remind everyone that she served him dinner because she wanted to, not because she had to.

This was a clear sign that shows Oprah affirming her own control of her life. But, to the trained eye, this is also a clear sign of her submissive nature because those who are dominant in life, never have to explain it or justify it. That statement may have demonstrated strong feminine power to the untrained eye, but it wasn’t.

Oprah will never get married because Oprah needs a dominant man who will allow her submissive nature to be released. She wants someone to make demands of her and to push her to be a better person. She needs someone to reduce her in spirit and reject her. As long as she pretends to be in control of everything she will never get married. As long as she continues to meet men who bow down to her power and fame she will continue to disrespect them. Any man who hopes to win Oprah’s heart has to do it by breaking her down and making her feel small and insignificant. This is what she craves.

Will she ever find that? Probably not. In the meantime we can watch her play the dominant role and pretend that she is not married because she doesn’t want to be. She does. Unfortunately, the right man may not exist.

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