Te-Erika’s Diary: My Sister’s Conversation With God

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As I was strolling down the street on my way back from the grocery store, my phone rings and I smile when I look at the caller ID. It’s my little sister calling from back home in South Florida and I giggle a little because my Mother and I had just been joking about her antics.

As soon as I answer my sister hisses excitedly, “Tee, I just spoke to GOD!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes,” she rushes on into her explanation without acknowledging my sarcasm.

“God said that there is more than one God,” she told me. “He said each land has a different God and that they all watch us like entertainment.”

“Are you high?” I asked her.

“I smoked a little bit, but that’s the point. God said that He made weed for us to be able to connect with Him. That’s the only reason it’s illegal because then we would be able to hear Him directly.”

“Oh yeah?” I said.

“Yeah, He said people can have whatever we want but we don’t believe we can and that is why we don’t have it. He said that I could have whatever I wanted right now if I believed. But I don’t, I doubt so that is why I don’t have it,” she told me.

Then it hit me. My sister never smokes. She has never even mentioned anything outside of following the Bible and she knows nothing of the studies I’ve been doing with channeling and connecting with spirits. Because of this I decided to hear her out suspending all disbelief. What I heard next shocked me to my core because the words from her mouth did not mirror her belief system at all.

Our conversation lasted roughly an hour with her telling me things that God had explained to her and then I took the time to ask if I could ask God some questions too. She was hesitant at first, not knowing if it would ‘work’ that way, but she said she would try. I asked her a question, she was silent for a moment and then told me she asked the question to God in her mind and was repeating what God had said to her in mind. She described God as “sounding like a man”.  When I asked her why God was a man she said maybe that is how she believes and that is the way He knows to connect with her.

This is how “God” responded to some of my questions through my sister.

Concerning Cheating in Relationships

God said that people were not created to be with one person. Their natural inclination is to be with more than one person.

Are women superior to men?

God said Yes.

Is any religion better or more ‘right’ than another?

God said No.

Why do some people achieve success even when they aren’t religious?

God said the people who achieve their dreams don’t need religion. Those people have a belief that they can have what they want and that is why they get it.

Is there a purpose to life?

God said No.

Is there a heaven or hell?

God said No.

What happens when we die?

God said you don’t even know what death is.

When we leave this physical body do we come back as another person?

God said some people are allowed to.

Was Michael Jackson murdered?

God said you need to think about better questions that could help you. No more trivia..and the answer to your question is No.

Does God love me (Te-Erika)?

God said No. He said you are Him. Even if he told you that he did love you, you wouldn’t believe it because you don’t believe in Him.

Is homosexuality wrong or abnormal?

God said No.

Was Jesus real?

God said Yes. Jesus was his son and saw how bad the people were at that time so he asked if he could come to earth to help people be better to each other as an example and God allowed him to. He died on the cross so that people would look to him as an example but the people didn’t.

Is there such a thing as spirit guides helping you?

God said Yes.

Why can’t I hear from God and have a conversation myself?

God said He speaks to you all the time but you don’t listen. You don’t believe its Him.

What can I do to have a conversation with God?

Just talk.


After an hour of questions, my sister said she was scared and wanted to stop. I pleaded with her to continue but she said she didn’t want to do it anymore and it felt weird. I relented and hung up the phone. I began to envy my sister. I just bought a book by Echo Bodine called The Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities because I wanted to learn how to hear my intuition so that I could guide women better and here she was having a conversation with God and all I could hear was crickets.

I do believe in channeling. I do believe in spirits. I’m not sure on the whole ‘God in the sky who loves me’ thing though. I do believe in intuition and being taught from within. I just wish I could have a strong connection with whatever sources there are to help me to be a better guidance aid for women. I want to be like The Oracle for women. I’m trying but nothing is working so far. I am not sure if my ideas and teachings are my own or they are from…somewhere else. I wish I knew.



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