REVIEW: Align To Divine Health Intuitive Coaching with Laura Young

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I signed up to receive Laura Young’s Align To Divine Health Coaching session where she promises to help you to heal your body through re examining your belief systems.  I first heard about it through one of my friend’s sharing about it on Facebook. Eager to receive some outside direction, I signed up effortlessly through her online appointment calendar and my appointment was set for a few days away.

When you sign up her auto form asks you to explain what you would like to discuss with her.  I wrote that I was frustrated from trying so hard to work on my career goals and not seeing progress and I was exhausted.

Although the instructions clearly read that I should call her at my appointment time, I forgot because I was-you guessed it- caught up in working on pushing my career goals. She called my phone 5 minutes later to see if I was okay. I apologized profusely and she laughed and accepted my apology.

She then read my discussion statement back to me and told me that she had meditated on my issue for 15 minutes while accessing my chakra system to see what was happening inside my body. I sat there, phone clenched in my hand, a smirk on my face, waiting for her to spout off some generic information about my spinning chakras, but what I heard next blew me away.

Laura started from my root chakra and explained what she saw. Then as she visited the other 6 chakra’s her insight into my personal life and health made me wonder if she was stalking me. “Did you google me?” I asked her. She laughed and said, “I googled your Chakra system.”

Among the statements she made were:

You don’t believe you deserve God’s love.

You are very, VERY hard on yourself.

You have digestive problems.

You are a giver who does not know how to receive.

You are highly intuitive, in fact, you don’t need me but your intuition is blocked because you are too hard on yourself.

I see a turtle which means that you are building step by step.

Everything she said was true. She advised me that I needed to learn to ‘play’ more because all of the work I did threw my health off balance. She shared personal stories to relate to my feelings and shared how changing her beliefs and taking the risk to do what she loved most changed her life completely.

She then advised me to take my goal and make it happen immediately. She gave me several action steps to take to further my business goals and I hung up wondering if she could ‘see’ all of that, hopefully she couldn’t see all the dirty clothes on the floor in my room.

Since I am a coach myself, much of what she offered as business related guidance were steps I had already taken. I became frustrated as she suggested action step after action step which had been implemented into my business plan. In my quest to see progress in my career I had already done most of the work and I figured that she couldn’t help me. In the end I found that one of her suggestions, an action step I had given up on because it had yielded no results, was something I should pursue again.  The next day I fine tuned my presentation and received a positive response on my first try. I guess I needed a reminder to keep trying.

The introductory price for a session with Laura is $97.  For both a coaching session and intuitive healing session I believe this is a steal as most intuitive healers I have found charge more for their services.

Laura Young Intuitive Healer Coach

Would I recommend Laura Young and her intuitive coaching? Yes, if you are truly willing to take her advice and implement it. Her insight using the chakra system will help you to uncover how your body is trying to speak to you about your life choices and your future.  ~Te-Erika

To learn more about the intuitive guidance services offered by Laura Young please visit her website.


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