Movie Review: The Timer (2009)

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What if a scientist invented a gadget that could count down the years, days and hours until you met your soulmate? Would you buy one? Would you trust its prediction?

The 2009 movie TIMER tests this premise. Emma Caufield stars as Oona in this engaging film that blurs the line between scientific evidence and fate. The TIMER is a device that when purchased, is installed on your wrist. It has a screen that shows a countdown to the day you will meet your ONE. Caufield brilliantly portrays the internal conflict that arises as she and her half-sister (Michelle Borth) wrestle with the idea that the TIMER may or may not be accurate. Her sister’s TIMER predicts that she won’t meet her ONE until she is 43 years old. Caufield’s character’s TIMER is blank which means that her ONE hasn’t gotten his TIMER installed yet.

Will he ever have it installed? What does she do in the meantime? Does she accept love from anyone other than the person predicted to be her ONE, if the prediction ever happens? How would you interact with friends and suitors if you knew that the relationship would not last?

This film raises so many questions about love, consumerism and faith. How could one device alter the lives of those who use it and those who choose not to?

This movie had me holding my breath and gripping my pillow as I watched it. You will love it too!

Rating: 4 Stars
Highly Recommended

For My Savvy Sisters: Have you seen this movie yet? If you had the chance to know beforehand exactly when you would meet your ONE, would you want to know?

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