EDITORIAL: Reproductive Rights Under Attack

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By Christina Fermin
Politics & Society Columnist

The attack on women’s reproductive rights in recent months is astonishing. As a nation that praises itself for being modern and free and who also has a track record for individual liberties this new trend is astonishing. For the last 30 years we continue to have this ‘debate’ on abortion, contraceptives and sex education. The attacks that the political right has launched in recent months are unjustifiable, inhumane and immoral. For a party to run on a platform against too much government, this is an issue where there is WAY TOO MUCH government involved in dictating the lives of women.

The last time I read the constitution I do not ever recall reading a passage that says: Men know better than women what women want and need and therefore are allowed to dictate how women go about in their private lives. We all have the same freedoms and in no way, were those freedoms ever suppose to be limited because of religion or personal beliefs. This has gotten out of hand, especially when there are pressing political issues such as the economy, war, climate change, education, social unrest, foreign policy, healthcare, poverty, fraud, foreclosure, corruption, an election, etc. Why is women’s reproductive rights at the center of the right wing agenda?

What makes these men, because they are mostly men, experts on women’s health issues. Why do they continue to attack Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood provides many benefits to low income neighborhoods, they do not solely focus on abortion or contraceptives. This issue should not even be an issue. I do not care what your personal belief is on contraceptives or abortion, because what you believe should not dictate how another will act or infringe on their right to act or choose. Today I read an article that a small bomb was planted and exploded at a Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. REALLY? Look who the terrorists are now! Last I checked, Jesus preached about compassion and acceptance and it seems his message keeps getting hijacked by fanatics.

Although no one was injured, what if they killed someone who had gone in for STD testing or a general health physical with no relation to abortion or contraceptives? What if they would have injured someone’s child they brought in for immunization shots? To top it off, this isn’t the first one, nor will it be the last one, because statistics from the National Abortion Federation reported there were 114 violent attacks last year alone! Fact of the matter is, abortion will always happen whether it is legal or illegal and as long as it is legal we can monitor it, regulate it and take preventative measures to reduce it.

Maybe if the right wasn’t so focused on abstinence only education we could reduce the number of abortions and teenage pregnancies. Here’s another tickler, people have sex because sex feels good and it’s fun and healthy. We should concentrate on developing healthy attitudes about sex so that people can grow to become good functioning citizens that contribute to society rather than make them social deviants by making them feel sinful or alienated for taking part in an activity that everyone takes part in. The underlying message from the right is they do not know or understand how to address the problems we face as a society, so they keep going back to the same comfortable argument to stir up their base and get the votes because that is the only way they are going to keep getting elected.

Politicians do not have a plan for the economy, the wars, climate change, foreign policy, healthcare, fraud, foreclosures, etc. because if they did they would not be attacking women’s health issues. If they did they would be discussing those plans and spreading those messages rather than a message of non-acceptance, ignorance and religious fanaticism. This should be a no brainer; vote out the incumbents that collect millions from lobbyists and corporations, get involved in politics, because right now the only people getting involved are those religious fanatics that want religion and politics to be united and stop being so damn complacent, because one day everything you take for granted will be gone. Stop waiting for someone else to take care it and take care of it yourself, remember the old saying: ‘if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!’ That includes politics.

About the Columnist

With a bachelors degree in political science from Florida Atlantic University, Christina Fermin has always cultivated her love for history, politics, sociology, ancient knowledge and teachings, the outdoors, the ocean and the environment. Christina strives to make our world better by helping us all create a new reality and understanding of all taking place here and now. You can reach her at Christina@MySavvySisters.Com.

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