How To Meet Your Soul Mate Without Dating

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Some things in life take lots of effort; you can’t build a brick house without laying each brick. Other goals, like meeting your soul mate aren’t as tough as some would believe.

Are you tired of putting in hours at the gym, combing through personal ads and being forced to go on blind dates set up by well meaning friends? All that work and no results, you’ve gone on more dates than you can handle and no one is a fit. But why not?

Why aren’t you meeting the person who fits with you? The answer is simple; you’re trying too hard. Whenever we try to push things into existence, we essentially push them away because we are too emotionally involved to recognize them when they show up. Have you ever wished for something, forgot about it and then days later it showed up without any effort on your part? That is exactly how you’re going to meet the love of your life. When you learn to take it easy with your goals, you’ll end up meeting them more quickly.

The number one way to meet your soul mate without dating is to fully assess your main interests and pursue them. Do you become aroused at the thought of being spanked? Visit a BDSM dungeon and sign up for a class. Is your main goal in life, world domination? Visit a business networking event and pass out your business cards? Do you feel life couldn’t be better when you’re spending time with your dog? Join a dog lovers group.

Do you understand where I am going with this? If you truly acknowledge your most treasured passions and pursue them without abandon, on your road to your complete bliss and success you’ll meet someone who loves living life the way you do and will honor you for making your dream life come true.

Stop trying so hard. Focus on yourself. Be completely honest about what turns you on and be light hearted about your quest for true love. Life is not a boxing match. You don’t win when you knock the other person out, you win when you become aware that your happiness matters most.

Be good to yourself. Treat yourself. Accept yourself. Someone else will too.

True Soul Mate Stories

How To Meet Your Soul mate


I challenged myself to an online dating stint. Well, one of my girlfriends challenged me because that is how she met her fiance. I wasn’t too into the idea but I did it anyway. I decided to ask 20 men out on dates and see what happened. Of the 20 men I asked out, 17 accepted. I was busy for about 2 months, going on date after date. I didn’t end up falling in love with any of them but I made a couple of friends and business connections. One night I was out with my ‘business connection’ when we stopped by a bar. We ran into one of his friends who was holding a seminar on tantric healing. I was so excited because I love learning about healing methods so I decided to drop in. I learned a lot that evening and even worked up the courage to go speak with the instructor about his methods and background. Four hours later we were sitting in the parking lot of the bookstore and we never stopped talking and laughing. We’ve been together for a year and a half now and I can’t believe I get to learn more about my favorite topic and have great sex too! ~Melony N.


It was about 5 years ago when I first met my soul mate. We bumped into each other at the Starbucks on campus, said hi and kept it moving. I ended up dropping out of school and running my family’s dry cleaning business after my parents became too sick to manage it. I dated for a while, lots of women, short, tall, I didn’t care as long as they were HOT. Then one day out of the blue a friend invited me to church. I am not the religious type but I went out of respect for her. There, I listened to the message and it gave me a sense of peace I had never felt before. I can’t believe I went 26 years without really listening and investigating myself. My parents raised me as an atheist or agnostic or whatever. So anyway, I went back to church and went back again. I liked the sense of community there and it was good for my business too.

One day I was running late for Sunday service and I stopped by the fountain at the entrance to the church and there she was- holding a baby in her arms. She looked so beautiful. I remembered her right away. I asked her if I could help her with her stroller and she said Yes. We went to the nursery to drop her baby off and then we sat together at church that day. I invited her for brunch, she accepted and we clicked so naturally. The reason I know she’s my soul mate? Well, I felt it in our first kiss. We’re married now, 5 years after we met, even though she doesn’t remember our first meeting. ~ Laney T.


I had just graduated college and I didn’t know what to do next. I took a job as a customer service rep and I quit after just 2 weeks. I wanted to do something meaningful with myself but my parents just wanted me to get a job. I was living with them at the time and they were really pressed about me moving on with my life. I didn’t know what moving on meant, so I googled ‘How to find meaning in life’ and I saw this blog of a woman who wrote that she traveled to India to find peace. I laughed at her. Come on. People do too much sometimes. But really, that line stuck with me. Soon after that, I saw a flier at the market for a group for candle makers. I figured I could make some extra money making candles and selling them on Venice Beach like all the other Bohemians my age.

I took the class, learned and set up my table on the beach within a couple of months. Right next to me was a man selling jewelry, we go to talking about how society is so dismantled and in need of some serious healing. We decided to combine our tables to save money on the license and we ended up working together for about  6 months. We never dated, we just hung out and sold our stuff. After the weather turned cold and he went back to selling his jewelry online, we closed up shop, I joined him in his online business and we, we just, you know. We knew. His business was doing so well and I had no clue because he was on the sidewalk selling his jewelry like I was. It turns out he did it because he loved meeting people. I learned a lot from him, and I still do. I almost dropped the food I was eating when he suggested a trip to India. During that trip, he proposed to me. I didn’t even know who I was when we met, but me and him, we figured it out together. ~ Kelly P.

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