Internet Dating -Safety Tips For Women

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In this cyber world, a fresh start to a new relationship is only a click away. But, there are a few precautions to take which will help you to sidestep a dating nightmare and realize your dating dream.

1. Posting your picture on a website is a common thing to do. Be sure not to post any pictures that you do not want the world to see. Practice safety by posting clear shots of your face and be sure that there are no identifiers in the background to indicate where you live.

2. Beware of internet pursuers who have thousands of hits to their profiles. This is an indication that they have been around the internet ‘block’ and have a penchant for seducing women with cut and pasted messages. They make a hobby out of dating online.

3. If you meet someone and you are enjoying your chat sessions with them, do not rush out to meet them. Take your time. If they are in a hurry to meet with you then they may not be a good choice because they may have an agenda which doesn’t fit in with yours. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into calling them or meeting them before you feel comfortable doing so.

4. When you meet with someone after getting to know them online, be sure to meet them in a safe, public place. Invite your friends to tag along and ask him/her to invite some of their friends too. You may not be the only one to make a love connection that night.

5. Go with your gut feeling when you encounter someone new. Your woman’s intuition is always correct. If you feel scared or uneasy, it’s best to walk away.

6. If you meet someone online and you develop a relationship, be wary of people who are always in need. If their bills are always late and they need a little help, you may want to steer clear of them because they may be internet ‘fishers’ scamming their way to a lazy life of freedom. You do not want to support this habit.

7. Let your friends and family know about your activities. Take a picture of the person you are dating and send it to your friends. Take a picture of their license plate too. It is not a violation of their privacy to ask for an ID. This will protect you. If they are unwilling to allow you to take these precautions you can and should walk away. This will not be your last opportunity for love.

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