Chick Sticks by Lola: For The Cutest Girls Under the Sun

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Lola Blake Chick Sticks

Lola Cimmino, Owner of Chick Sticks, a custom surf and skate board manufacturer in Oceanside, California.

Sure girls just wanna have fun, but we also need to finance our playtime and that’s why My Savvy Sister Lola Cimmino transformed her passion for art and surfing into a lucrative platform for chic chicks to flaunt their sexy in the sun.

Lola is the creator of Chick Sticks a manufacturer of high end surfboards and skateboards for girls. She also produces a premiere line of jewelry, apparel, footwear,  accessories, wet suits, work out equipment, sunglasses, natural body products and other girly gems.

The online business based in Oceanside, California has prices ranging from $10 to $1750.00 for a Stand Up Paddle Board. Lola guarantees that any woman wanting to make a fashion statement while working up a little sweat will be highly satisfied with her selection.

“Despite people telling me my business would never get off the ground and others not wanting to help me when I first started out I am thankful for having perseverance and for believing in the vision I had for my company,” Lola tells MSS.

From the inception of a brilliant business idea to flourishing as a CEO, Lola says the one significant difference between Chick Sticks and other new businesses is the fact that Lola refused to finance her business’s growth.

“I have never charged anything or borrowed for my company,” Lola says.  “So a challenge has been dealing with not being able to make my ideas come to life as quickly as if I had taken a business loan.”

Due to the restraint of having to earn the money she needs to grow her business Lola believes it has given her the ability to refine her brand. “I make better decisions by being forced to take my time with things,” she says.  “It’s really been a blessing in disguise.”

Chick Sticks 1

The Chick Sticks Universe of Girl Power Headquarters in Oceanside, California.

While it may look like there’s a beach party over at The Chick Sticks Universe of Girl Power Headquarters, where Lola spends more than 10 hours each day, 7 days a week creating the custom surf and skate boards with her team, don’t let the bright colors and funky designs fool you, there is a lot of work to be done.  “I have to keep things organized because I have a lot of product but it’s super fun and decorated really classy so I feel good about where I spend most of my time,” Lola says.

To keep up with the massive amount of online orders Lola has organized a gaggle of talented babes she calls The Chick Sticks Girls and The Team Riders to assist her.  “I have beautiful people to share my life with,” Lola boasts. “And I can honestly say I don’t fear anything that life could throw in my path.  I believe in surrounding myself with people who are like minded and have good energy.  I get up every morning excited for what the day will bring.”

Watching her business thrive and grow is a bonus to what Lola believes is the driving force behind her business.  “Every time a parent or a girl gets one of my boards and then sends me a handwritten note or calls me up to tell me about how happy they are and that they are sleeping with their board tonight it makes me want to cry because I’m so touched inside,” Lola shares. “It makes me happy that what I do matters.”

Chick Sticks Lola Blake 2

Lola Blake and The Chicks Sticks Girls.


Lola’s Tips For Beginners in Business

  • Stay true to yourself, make your own decisions
  • Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others.
  • Listen to your gut
  • Don’t rely on others to get it done, put in the time and hard work and your dream or passion will come to fruition
  • Don’t ever let anyone tell you it can’t be done

To learn more about Lola Blake, please visit her website

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