He Proposed To Her With A Chicken Sandwhich

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A man decides to give his girlfriend the joke proposal that they had laughed over for years. The two ended their first date at McDonald’s and she would joke often about being proposed to there.  He took the joke as a sign that it would be special to her. He invited her Dad to take part in the planning and got permission from the store manager.

Her reaction was priceless.

Alternatively sobbing and laughing, she rejected the proposal saying, “This is not what you do. I can’t marry you.”

I guess in her mind she deserved something more fancy or romantic. In his mind, he was being the jokester that he is. Although they may feel comfortable with each other, her reaction leads me to believe they are not a good match for each other.

If a man you are in love with proposes marriage and you are disappointed with how he does it rather than being appreciative of the fact that he loves you enough to do it, you are looking for a fairy tale, a fulfillment of some sort of Disney fantasy you have clung to over the years.

I am glad she rejected him. Hopefully he will find someone who would be delighted to be his wife, regardless of the box the ring comes in.


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