Don’t Let Their Silence, Silence You

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When we’re going after our goals, we are often motivated by the cheering on the sidelines. Our parents, our friends and random strangers can come along and provoke that extra boost of energy that we need to continue to move forward in the form of compliments, pep talks and funding for our dreams.

But what happens when you’ve been running the race toward your dream and all of sudden, no one is there to offer you a pat on the back, to cheer you on or to bail you out? What do you do when all of your loving fans and friends and family have moved on to focus on their own goals?

What do you do when you ask for help and no one responds? How do you react when the people you counted on don’t have the interest to cheer you on any longer? Who do you get to rub your back after it’s been hurting from carrying your dream when your phone doesn’t even ring anymore?


What do you do when you cry in frustration and no one comes running to soothe you?

When all is silent, don’t allow the silence to silence you.

You can still sing if there isn’t an audience.

You can still run if no one is racing you.

You can still speak if no one will listen.

You can still write if no one will read it.

In fact, you MUST.

You must do the thing you believe you were designed to do, without an audience or applause or anyone rescuing you. Do it anyway. Do what you believe you were designed to do even if no one is interested, especially when no one cares.

Keep doing it.

Don’t stop.

Keep creating.

Never let it go.

Imagine your desired end. Act as though it is already there. Live in the reality of your accomplishments, yes, even through the silence.

Do not allow their silence to silence you.

Keep it moving!

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