15 Ways To Measure Success

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Why is it so much easier to label yourself a failure after a loss? This label sticks to our psyche hindering us from moving forward in life when it really doesn’t have to.

Instead of applying negative outcomes as the defining labels for our lives, how about we celebrate the victories that may not be as glamorous, but are still deliciously sweet.

Here are 15 ways to measure whether or not you are truly a SUCCESS.

  1. Did you make it through an entire work day without punching your co worker?
  2. Did someone prosper because of your efforts?
  3. Did someone smile after you left the room?
  4. Did you finally throw away those bags of clothes in your garage?
  5. Have you graduated from one stage in life to the next?
  6. Did you make it through the arduous phases of high school?
  7. Do you wake up in the morning smiling?
  8. Do you have friends?
  9. Did you get the laundry done this week?
  10. Did you live through childbirth?
  11. Did someone ‘like’ or ‘plus one’ your status update today?
  12. Have you helped someone orgasm recently?
  13. Are your children laughing, playing or fighting in the background?
  14. Did you pay your bills last month?
  15. Do you have the energy to wake up tomorrow and try again?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of these questions- YOU ARE A SUCCESS!

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