ADVICE: My Friend Has Too Much Drama, Should I Tell Him Why?

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Dear Te-Erika,

I have a friend, a good friend. But my friend stays in drama that perhaps could be avoided. He is married, but is a terrible flirt. He doesn’t think he is but the drama that comes to him says differently.  Then may speak about it and doesn’t realize what keeps causing the same drama over and over again. Would you tell this person or just let them carry on. I want to tell them the reason some of these men get on their girlfriend post is they don’t want you flirting with them or asking them to call or private text you.  Your thoughts please.



The thing about recognizing “drama” is the fact that to you it may be drama but to others it just may be “life”. Just because you think it’s a problem doesn’t mean its a problem for him. If he has complained that he wants things to change then that’s a different story, you can surely point out why he is experiencing hard times. But if he has not complained then you would be simply analyzing his life based on your own standards and imposing them on him.

I haven’t interacted with you enough to know if you are a person who offers unsolicited opinions. Some people are like that and if you are- BE YOU. People will accept you for being YOU, even if its a bit pushy or judgmental as long as you are consistent with your personality. If it’s your normal thing to speak up then DO IT. He’ll probably laugh because he didn’t realize he was doing that. Honestly, I think you’re thinking too much into it. If it’s not making him sad, its probably not a problem for him at all. Maybe the truth is, you’re more annoyed by his drama than he is which means you are the one with the problem, not him.



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