How To Stop Smoking Today

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I started smoking cigarettes when I was involved with a crowd who did. After I stopped hanging out with them, the habit remained, costing me well over $200 a month.

I recently quit for good after two years of smoking nearly a pack of cigarettes a day and I wanted to share my process.

First, it began as a desire in my heart. I wanted to stop although I didn’t know how I would do it. You’ll know you are about to quit smoking when the thought crosses your mind on more than one occasion. You’ll begin to think about the benefits of letting go of that disgusting habit and it will make sense to you.

The Tradeoff

With any addiction, you’ll have a moment of clarity that forces you to see what you had been missing out on because of your addiction. For me, it was the fact that I had no health insurance.

“I can’t believe I still can’t afford to get my tooth pulled,” I thought to myself early one morning after I got off of working the overnight shift as a waitress. I was on my automatic stroll to the gas station to buy my daily pack of cigarettes when it hit me.


I can’t afford health insurance.

I spend more than $200 a month on cigarettes.

I need my tooth pulled and can’t afford it.

I spend more than $200 a month on cigarettes.

I need a car.

I spend more than $200 a month on cigarettes.

I want to be able to reinvest in my start up business more.

I spend more than $200 a month on cigarettes.

I stopped mid-stride and suddenly I felt the stink from the millions of cigarettes of my past rushing up out of my throat. I was disgusted with myself for being so stupid. I sat down on the bus stop, staring out at the gas station across the street and right then and there I decided- I’m not buying anymore. I decided that I wanted good health and more money more than I wanted that habit.


But the desire didn’t go away. Smoking cigarettes is an activity for most people. It is something to look forward to at the end of the day, after a good meal, after a good romp in the hay or even- just because the sun is shining and you want to sit outside.

When I got home I didn’t change clothes and immediately head outside to smoke. Instead I smiled to myself and got ready for a nice nap. When I woke up I felt great. I went about my day as though I was superwoman.

It wasn’t until the next day that I felt the void. When you’re a smoker, smoking is such a part of your life that you allot times in the day for it. When you stop smoking, you can sleep longer, take longer showers, eat before work and so much more that you would usually rush through so you could make sure you have time to get that cigarette in.

The void feels depressing. You don’t know what to do with your hands. You tend to eat more. If you eat fruits or chew celery you’ll make it through.

How I reinforced the idea that I would not smoke again came to me in such a marvelous way. When the thought of buying a pack of cigarettes came into my mind I made myself think of 3 people I know who were smokers.

Then I thought about their lives, their goals and compared them to my own. I asked myself, “Do you want to be like them when you grow up?”

Yes, I had to be haughty about it. I had to imagine for a minute that I was BETTER than those folks who smoked and that smoking was for commoners who had nothing better to do with their money.

“I have dreams and goals,” I reminded myself. “I can’t spend money on that. I’m better than that. There are plenty of other things to suck on.”

So to recap, if you want to stop smoking using cognitive force you must:

1. Think and decide that you want to quit. Make no extra effort. Simply acknowledge that this is a goal you want to achieve.

2. Take stock of your tradeoffs. What are you missing out on because of your habit? What is your habit holding you back from doing? What is your habit costing you? Decide that you want something else MORE than you want your habit.

3. Be Haughty. Listen, people who smoke are disgusting and ugly. Who really wants to stand around looking and smelling like that? Why do so many people smoke- because it’s the COMMON thing to do. In fact, I learned that for the homeless, smoking is their favorite activity.

Who do you share your ‘shorts’ with? Is that person someone who represents your ideal lifestyle? Are you trying to go somewhere in life or will you sit there and blow all of your dreams out in a cloud of smoke every single day? You’re killing yourself, you do know that. Your breath stinks too.Link
And eww, what is that cologne you wear to cover it up? It doesn’t work. Everyone still knows.

And look- God says in the Bible that the only folks need to get drunk (or smoke) are those who need to drown their sorrows. The Bible says that the leaders need to keep a sober mind and should leave those addictions to the commoners that they are charged to care for.

Stop smoking.

That shit is not cute.

Woman with mouth cancer.
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