7 Tips For Dating Extroverts

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Prepare to fall in love again and again.

Your extrovert love can be a bit of a social butterfly so they will have many, MANY friends and associates to introduce you to. Because they are energized by socializing, they will adore you if you enjoy hanging out with their friends as well. If you are going to fall in love with them, you’ll have to fall in love with their friends too.

Brush up on your parlor tricks.

Your extrovert is often surrounded by friends, telling wild stories and adding to the entertainment of the day.  If you aren’t as talkative but still want to join in the fun, try learning a few magic tricks or learn how to read tarot cards, your extrovert will love to show you off to their friends.

Ask their favorite question.

An extrovert’s favorite question is, “How was your day?” This allows them to share the details of their life with someone who is interested. Once you open up this can of worms, you’ll be regaled with stories for hours so pick up a pint of ice cream to share with your extrovert for an after work treat that will leave them smiling for hours.
Suggest a party or mixer on occasion.

Your extrovert is often the force behind most social gatherings, eager to get their friends together for a rousing night of fun. To get in good graces with your extrovert suggest a social mixer that you will organize yourself. Give it a theme like a ‘Forever FRIENDS (TV Show) marathon’ for added pizazz and your extrovert will probably propose to you.
Take the lead in bed.

If your extrovert is the type to dominate most social situations, behind closed doors it is very likely that they will love taking a break. It’s your turn to canoodle, climb on top and give orders. Your extrovert will become putty in your hands.
Plan field trips.

Your extrovert is like a kid in a candy store when they visit a new place. Plan a field trip and take them somewhere they’ve never visited before. Be sure to point out all of the cool people, start conversations with random strangers while waiting in line and introduce your extrovert every chance you can.
Feature your extrovert.

On social media networks, introverts are actively posting pictures and status updates to share their exciting lives with the world. Mention them on twitter as much as possible. Tag them on Facebook and share their posts on Google Plus. Not only will these features boost your extrovert’s ego, it will introduce them to more people that they can entertain and engage with.


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