5 Traits of Highly Successful Women

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I have interviewed some of the best and brightest women for MySavvySisters.Com. Most of them are thought leaders, entrepreneurs and highly successful women. As I reflect back on the core principles of their characters, I have noticed a few common themes that may be useful to you as you assess your personality.

A Highly Successful Woman

1. Does not have friends
Sure, there may be ONE person this woman trusts without reservation but walking down the street arm in arm with a group of women is not on this woman’s agenda at all. She doesn’t hate other women, she merely finds that the cattiness, jealousy and petty behavior is beneath her.

2. Is not competitive
She is in a class all of her own and she knows this. She doesn’t believe that any woman can do what she does better than she does it so she sees no woman as a threat to her in business, romantic relationships or social situations.

3. Offers a service/product that helps others
The main ingredient to this woman’s success is her ability to be a resource to others. She uses her feminine powers to offer her intelligence and wisdom to help others succeed.

4.  Expects to win
The most highly successful woman believes she will win at the game of life. She expects to meet her goals and sees obstacles as challenges to get what she wants. Not meeting her goal is a scenario that does not enter into her mind. She knows her vision is attainable and the challenge of meeting it is a mental exercise.

5. Is not caught up on romantic relationships
She believes a life partner is an accessory to her life goals but it is not her main focus. She is often single because she knows she can live her life alone and be perfectly happy. She may get married but her husband is not her driving force or her lifeline. He is simply someone to share her life with and if her relationship does not work out, her world does not crumble around her.

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