A Sugar Detox? What?

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When the blogger from Happy Sugar Habits approached me asking me if I wanted to participate in her Mentor Me off Sugar program, I immediately brainstormed to see who else would do it so I wouldn’t have to.

I was curious about what I could learn from her 28-day Sugar Detox program but I didn’t really think that I had a problem with sugar. I kind of skated around her emails asking me to fill out a questionnaire about my eating habits. Eat? I just eat when I’m hungry? What do I eat? Whatever’s cheap and easy to make since I don’t cook and I’m not trying to spend money on food extraneously.

IMG_20130720_104306As I finally settled down to fill out the initial questionnaire I realized that I do have a habit of eating sugary foods. I love cereals and chocolate. I can’t go a DAY without one of them. Other than that, I eat lots of tuna and crackers and I love McDonald’s frappes. Am I a sinner?

I don’t usually think much about what I am putting into my body because I never gorge myself and I only eat until my hunger is gone, not to fill up the hump. But recently when I realized that my jeans don’t fit anymore I had to do SOMETHING to stop myself from buying new pants and wasting money so I started walking everyday and I LOVE IT!

So here I am, just  a couple of days away from beginning my 28 day Sugar Detox and I’m scared. Since I don’t cook, I have no idea what the hell I am going to eat. No cereal? Do you want me to starve?

I’m gonna eat up all the cereal that is left before I have my first phone consultation on Monday. I hope to have great tips to report on new snacks she tells me about and a new way of looking at my diet, which I have never really done before.

Stay tuned!



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