5 Things "Everyone" Does That You Should Never Do

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My Savvy Sisters don’t follow the crowd. In fact, we’ve noticed that if the majority of people are doing it, it is probably not a good thing to do. Let’s make out of the box decisions to get out of the box results.

To get a head start on learning how NOT following the crowd will improve your life, here are 5 Things Everyone Does That You Should Never Do.


1. Falling in love for the sake of love

This isn’t a Shakespearean play, and even then we all know what happened to the playwright’s most infamous romantic couple; they died for love. My Savvy Sisters need to understand that romance in a relationship is secondary to the ability to work together as a team. It is the team effort of your relationship that matters more than the butterflies you feel when you see him. If you want to feel butterflies all the time, visit an amusement park and ride a roller coaster. If you want a healthy, long lasting relationship take stock of how he treats you when you need help and how well you coordinate getting errands done or planning trips. A relationship is a business deal, in fact it is the most important business deal you will ever make because if it happens to lead to marriage you will need an army of lawyers to get you out of it.


Don’t fall in love for the sake of love. You’ll end up in the homeless shelter, holding hands, smoking crack. If he can not help improve what you are already doing in life then he is not the one. If he can’t help you grow, leave him alone. You are not supposed to take care of a man simply because you love him. You are confusing love with desperation. You don’t have to be desperate. You can sleep with him and have him as a toy, but reserve your devotion and emotions for someone who can contribute to your success.


2. Playing the lottery

Our parents played the lottery in hopes of striking it rich and never having to work again. My Savvy Sisters don’t have to do that since we are learning the importance of entrepreneurship and we are creating our own diverse stream of income. For My Savvy Sisters who missed the memo, playing the lottery is for people who lack the skills to grow their income in more creative ways.




It is a waste of money. You can use that money to invest in a class or online course so that you can learn a skill that will help you to earn a profit outside of a job.


3. Taking Psych Drugs

Just because some man in a white coat told you that you were bipolar doesn’t mean that you have to become hooked on whatever prescription he decides to write for you. Wake up! Mental illness is a label created by a group of people who sat in a room and decided what is normal and what is not. Just because your mental disposition does not fit into what others deem ‘appropriate’ does not mean that you are sick and in need of medicine.



Just because it is cool to mention drug habits like Prozac and Xanax doesn’t mean you have to wave your flag and drink the kool-aid too. There is nothing cool about being dependent on an outside source for your peace of mind. Your peace of mind can be achieved without drugs. You can find a proper place for your personality without having to alter it chemically to fit in. If you are diligent, you can turn your difference into an asset for your life. Get off of the psych drugs and find others who are managing their anxiety and human emotional swings in a natural way. You don’t need their quick fix. It’s really only a numbing agent. There is a place in this world for the real you, you just have to find it.


4. Planning to retire from someone else’s company

Sure, there are some women who dream of making it big in a corner office of some fancy corporation. This fantasy does not appeal to My Savvy Sisters. We won’t devote our lives to making someone else wealthy because it doesn’t make sense. We are the creators of the world’s workforce, we don’t stagnate in it.


5. Complaining to people who can’t do anything about it

Most people call it venting when they share the frustration of their lives with others. Some do it out of desperation, hoping that if they talk about it enough someone will offer a solution. Others do it simply because it gives them the attention they crave to pain themselves as victims.



My Savvy Sisters aren’t interested in being victims. We don’t even mention our difficulties unless the person we are speaking to can resolve them. Anything outside of this tactic is actually called BRAGGING. When you complain to someone who can’t do anything about your problem you are actually bragging about the problem. My Savvy Sisters have better things to brag about. We brag about our awesome families, our blossoming careers and our beautiful smiles, we don’t use petty drama to entertain others.



For My Savvy Sisters: What are some other things that most people do, that you never do?

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