Is Youtube Sensation Taren Guy An Embarrassment to Black Women?

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There is a petition posted to Change.Org by an anonymous user who suggests that sponsorship of Taren Guy’s hair care Youtube channel and products should be pulled because she is not a role model for Black women.  The anonymous user who calls herself, “Concerned Black Woman” writes:

It is dangerous to sponsor black women like Taren due to the fact that she represents the very stereotypes against which she speaks. 

She has built her “brand” around natural hair care, self love, self acceptance, and women’s empowerment. However, Taren is now pregnant again, for the 4th time out of wedlock, by a man who also happens to still be legally married. Taren is a misrepresentation to black women everywhere. 

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As a result of her misrepresenting what women’s empowerment is about, she does not deserve the privilege of sponsorship from Motions Hair Care and its parent company, Unilever. Please reconsider your decision to continue to sponsor Taren as I do not want my daughters looking up to someone like her, who continues to damage the core and the fiber of what it means to be a black woman in this country. 

Does Taren’s love life and personal relationships have a direct impact on her ability to do her job? Are we as women so hung up on fulfilling a man’s idea of what womanhood should be that we would dare disrespect the next woman who has found her niche in life and is prospering because of it?

What has Taren really done to deserve this? She allegedly has 3 children and one on the way and they are all out of wedlock? Why is that a problem? Who invented the idea of marriage and decided that this concept is the defining factor for right or wrong when it comes to love? Why did you believe whoever told you that you had to be married in order to conceive?

Marriage is a socially constructed concept that no one is obligated to obey unless they decide to.

What Taren is guilty of is simple- giving love another chance after being hurt, trying again after feeling like she went down the wrong path and making a name for herself that shines so brightly that anonymous lurkers come out to shame her because they hate themselves.

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They say she is not a proper role model, but where does that idea come from? Will you allow a man to tell you that you have to be a virgin, married and untouched in order to be a woman of worth? Why would you allow a man to dictate your actions in order to be what he perceives as worthy to be with?

This woman who started this petition is a no-life having, troll who has no goals of her own and is too ashamed to even show her face. Instead of looking to other women to emulate this troll needs to be her own role model and create her own life on her own terms. She is probably a fan turned sour, someone who wanted to be Taren’s BFF but was rejected. This is the perfect example of the thin line between love and hate.

This petition is just a signal that Taren Guy is doing amazing things with her life. When things like this come up, it is like an honor because greatness is always attacked by mediocrity. Any woman who has the time and energy to dedicate a portion of her life to “exposing” or belittling someone else’s life choices is not someone we should respect or admire. A woman who is about her business should be so busy focused on her own goals that the choices of others are insignificant to her unless she is congratulating them.

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Everyone who hates themselves can prove it by signing this petition! If you are a woman about your business, you won’t even have time because this would be nonsense to you.

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