Why Women Love Jeremy Meeks & His Mugshot

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Jeremy Meeks Women Love

Jeremy Meeks Mugshot

When 30 year-old Jeremy Meeks is finally released from jail he is going to be shocked to find himself the object of thousands of women’s desire. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the man who was arrested during a gun sweep in Stockton, California, where police officers raided street criminals for illegal weapons.  As soon as his mugshot was posted on Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page women bit the candy that was dangled in front of them.

Yes, Jeremy Meeks is hot. There is no doubt about that. His mugshot reveals cool blue eyes, smooth brown skin and a distant demeanor that has women everywhere hypnotized. He’s a criminal. Ladies don’t care. We like the bad boy in him. We need a little danger. We want him to stare us down just like he’s doing in the mugshot. We want him to tell us to come to him, to drop to our knees, to do his bidding and we don’t care who knows it.

Women love the image of Jeremy Meek’s mugshot because it awakens our inner submissive nature, our longing to be owned by a hot, strong, protector who doesn’t need us to mother him or teach him how to be a man. We want a man who commands respect. We want a man who incites a little fear into our hearts. We want to experience the thrill of being swept away sexually and cared for instead of leading men like puppies the way we are used to.

And we want Jeremy Meeks to do it, provided he isn’t 5 feet tall with a squeaky voice and small hands.

Women love Jeremy Meek’s photo because his face is a chiseled work of art and his bad boy image reminds us of the bad girl we have inside that aches to be released. When we see Jeremy’s photo, we can’t help but feel the ache in our pussy. We all ache, deep in our loins to meet a man with enough power to allow us to relax into him because the burden of this world is so, so heavy for us.


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