OPINION: Do You Need A Formal Education To Start A Business?

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Hi Te-Erika,
I wanted to ask you a question.  As a formally educated woman (like me), do you think life coaches or anyone giving advice on how to improve the lives of others should have a college degree?  I know it depends on what you are doing.
I know a life coach who does not have a high school diploma or GED.   She told me she did not need a formal education to live her dream.  Keep in mind she was on welfare for 9 years.   She believes in using your own talents to make money.   While I believe this is true, however you need the foundation of an education to start any business.


Hey there!

This life coach friend of yours is correct. You can take the road of formal education and be qualified to work for others or you can take a different route and qualify yourself. Most people are more comfortable working with someone who has credentials because it seems to prove that they have invested the time into learning conventionally approved ways to serve their client. They trust the order of institutions and only respect paperwork as proof that the help they need will actually be served.

I happen to be on a journey through The Rebuild Your Life Project, to qualify myself to support and coach women through life transitions. In essence, much like your life coach friend, I am qualifying myself for this position through unconventional means. There will be those who do not respect my expertise and will not wish to work with me and there will be those who see my path and respect my out of the box journey and lessons I teach.

Formal education qualifies you to work for others.  If your plan is different from that, you can qualify yourself which means you may work harder to gain respect but you can still reach your goal. You don’t need a formal education to start a business, you just need knowledge and start-up capital.


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