3 Ways to Get What You Want For Xmas

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It’s the holiday season and we all want to feel appreciated and cared for by being given nice gifts. The truth is, men aren’t mind readers and sometimes they need that extra push to get them to do the things we really want them to do, and that’s okay.

Today I will teach you how to get exactly what you want for Xmas by using your wit and feminine-wise.

Ask For What You Want
Although we’d love it if we had men who would ‘get’ us and understand our needs and wants, it’s unrealistic to believe that they are wired to be that way. Men don’t think the way we do so the most clear cut way to get what we feel we deserve is to simply ask for it.

Sit your man down, look him in the eye and say, “I want a new refrigerator/handbag/vacation.” Wait for him to acknowledge what you said and then don’t mention it again. Never beg. If he is a good man he has heard you and will do his best to appease you.

Bait & Switch
Sometimes the things we want are a bit pricey and you know your man better than I do so you know if he’ll go for the expensive gifts or if he is a bit on the frugal side. To side step this issue you need to do the bait & switch. Say you want a new frame for your wedding photo and it costs $150, find another frame that is considerably more expensive and show them both to him, highlighting the more expensive one first.

Say, “We need a new frame for our wedding photo and I really want this one but it’s $350.” When he raises his eyebrow at the price casually show him the lesser priced frame and say unenthusiastically, “I guess we can settle for this one, it’s not as nice as the other one, but I think it will work.” He will probably feel relieved at this point. You can do your happy dance in the kitchen when he’s not looking.

Oral Pleasure
Under no circumstances are you to dole out oral pleasure unless your man is being a good boy. Do everything BUT that, because that treat is reserved for special favors and rewards for good behavior.

During your late night love making session, take a break between orgasms to cuddle with him and tell him how much you love him. Just as he is about to doze off, wake him back up with this special treat and then in the midst of the process, stop, look up at him and then ask for what you want. He’ll be too far gone to say anything but yes and you can hold him to his word the next day by showing him where to buy it and how much it will cost.

If for some reason none of these techniques don’t work that means you have a lazy man who doesn’t care to make you happy. If this is the case, buy what you want for yourself with his money.

Happy Holidays!

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