5 Reasons It’s Beneficial For People To Dislike You

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If you are a politician, an entertainer or work in public service there is an unspoken rule that people MUST like you in order for you to be successful on a long term basis. You’re obligated to be nice. You are mandated to smile and be friendly. You have to give people a reason to want to see you again and your livelihood depends on it.

But what happens when people adore and like you? You may become caught up in a lifestyle where you are the shackled to the image of BEING WONDERFUL so completely that you don’t have the space to care for yourself.

Yes, there are benefits to being a person most people dislike and they may just set you free.

1. You never have to smile when you’re not in the mood.


2. You aren’t obligated to help people when they ask.


3. You get to focus on your own needs and desires and no one expects you to be any different.


4. You own your time and never have to be obligated to entertain others unless you want to.


5. The type of person that EVERYONE likes does not have any strong convictions, isn’t threatening and typically changes their personality to suit those around them because they need the approval of others to feel valuable. These traits are the antithesis of what it means to be one of My Savvy Sisters.

If you are truly awesome, most people are going to dislike you. Average people are disgusted by awesomeness because they are afraid of their own. Roll with it. Elevate yourself and stop giving a fuck. You are your first responsibility.

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