Te-Erika’s Diary: A Perfect Mismatch

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During a conversation with a man I just met he was flabbergasted about my viewpoint on life. He told me that I should never burn any bridges with anyone because even though they have bad habits and agendas, they may benefit me one day and I need to learn how to kiss ass to meet my goals.

I shared with him that I can’t respect people who don’t have similar work ethics as I do-basically a person who doesn’t keep their word and offers excuses and apologies all of the time. I explained that I have to burn the bridge or I will be compromising and I can’t kiss ass because I don’t care about success that much to pretend to like someone I don’t respect.

We sat in silence for a few seconds, recognizing that this was the last time we would meet.

“You’re completely different from me,” he said.
“We sure are,” I agreed.

And that was that.

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