The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles

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Have you ever gone through a situation that caused you to have to make a transition to a new city? Have you recently gotten a divorce? Have you just graduated college? Did you lose your home to foreclosure? Is there an opportunity waiting for you in a new city but you’re too afraid to make a move because you are afraid of starting over?

This happens to the best of us but the reality is you CAN rebuild your life and I’m willing to allow you to watch me as I do it so that you can follow my ups and downs and have courage to make it through just like I have.

Last summer I allowed the readers of my women’s empowerment blog My Savvy Sisters, to choose a city for me to move to. I told my subscribers that they could choose any city in the country and I would move there with no friends, family or support just to show them what it takes to start over in life. My readers chose Los Angeles and I have been in Los Angeles county for the past 10 months after arriving here with less than $200, no place to live and no support system.

I have been recording videos of my journey and posting them in real time on my Youtube channel so that women can watch me as I fumble, progress and make my way in a city that I had never even visited before. My goals are to offer a grant to a woman in Los Angeles County to help her to rebuild her life and to bring my two sons from Florida for a visit since they so graciously supported me in my second women’s empowerment outreach by giving me their blessing to make this journey to inspire women.

Since moving to Los Angeles from Hollywood, Florida I have had a severe culture shock and been challenged on every level. I have had to change residences 8 times in 10 months having over 70 roommates in the process. I broke my foot last December which changed my lifestyle since I became unable to support myself as a waitress and I have faced my biggest challenge of overcoming my own social anxiety to engage others about my project and attempt to make friends and find my place in this community.

I’ve also had quite a few adventures. I have been cast in a commercial since I’ve been here, worked as a background actor, visited the streets and landmarks that I only saw on television and met the most intriguing people during my time as a waitress in North Hollywood.

Starting over in life is never easy but I wanted to show you that you can overcome any challenge that may come your way by allowing you to watch me do the same.

During original Rebuild Your Life Project, I gave away everything that I owned and became homeless on purpose to teach women how to survive an extreme loss and bounce back. That four month journey changed the way I view happiness, success and failure. It also changed the way I perceive myself. I invite you to take a peek at the Rebuild Your Life Project and gain your own sense of inspiration from the rocky road I have traveled in order to eradicate the fear of failure from women’s lives.

Follow my journey, offer your tips, resources and success stories from your own life transitions so that women everywhere will be encouraged to move forward in life.

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