Study Reveals Women Are Less Interested in Fertility Services

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Among women ages 25-44 who have reported trouble conceiving, a recent study reported by USA TODAY reveals that only 38% of them are seeking help with fertility, a significant drop from 56% two decades ago.

Fertility treatments and services include counseling, advice, infertility testing and ovulation drugs and in vitro fertilization have all been underused according to Kurt Barnhart, president of the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

Exactly why would these numbers decrease when information about resources available for hopeful mothers has increased? The USA TODAY article speculates that the survey was taken during troubled economic times however, I believe that women are less interested in fertility services because they are accepting that there can be life beyond motherhood.

Traditionally, a woman’s life goal was to nurture her family. In this era when women understand that they can do and become anything they would like, the pressure to step into traditional roles and meet the expectations of others is not paramount.

Those who do dream of becoming mothers will stop at nothing to realize their dreams and those who find that their ideal journey of life has an obstacle can simply choose to take a different route and still be just as happy.

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