Snoop Dogg Says Camera Woman is “Thick” and She’s Hurt? What?

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Snoop: I like your camera girl too, She is thick. Damn.

Camera woman: I didn’t understand what he said. It seemed really quick. But I got the impression that, the implication was clear that he was looking at my body, pointing down at it. In a way that he seemed impressed by it.  I felt very embarrassed. Very belittled.



I need current day feminists to fucking kill themselves! I guess they have nothing better to fight for. Its 2015 women have rights beyond rights, and now feminists just wanna spend their time making up imaginary feels about dumb shit like song lyrics, lil side comments, and what another woman decides to define herself as!

Back in the day the feminists that got women rights to work and vote still dealt with the everyday struggle of being a woman, but they had bigger fish to fry than Snoop Dogg,Robin Thick and Penny from Big Bang.

Feminists today are just bored, they should be called feelminists, because lately 9 times out of 10 all they have is feels and misplaced aggression!

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