How To Get Rid Of Your Enemies

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When you have people in your life that you feel are hell bent on making your life miserable you can become quite consumed by avoiding them or worrying about what they are going to try to do next. They don’t like you and you know it. They can’t stand the fact that you exist and they show it. You try to take the high road and ignore them and that doesn’t work because you still think about them all of the time. You stoop to their level and try to hurt them back and that just initiates a war. What can you do to get rid of these negative forces that have created such a big, heavy cloud over your life?

I had one enemy in my life and he was there for a very long time. The truth is, he may still be there but my interactions with him are few. I used to have nightmares about him. I used to jump when I knew he would be around. The only thing that I felt could save me from this person I deemed was a monster, was death.

How did I finally get rid of him?

I stopped caring more about him than I cared about myself.

But I don’t care about this disgusting person! You might tell me.  I have to say, yes you do.

You care so much about them and believe in their power to harm you that you ignore the fact that you have power too. You willfully diminish your own powers which ultimately gives them more power.

It’s time to take your power back.


In order to get rid of your enemies you must be willing to face the worst case scenario of being torn apart by them. Stand up to your fear of what they might do and accept that it is a possibility. Develop a plan of action to take in case of the worst case scenario. Prepare yourself for the fight. Don’t prepare yourself for the fight with THEM, prepare yourself for the fight to rebuild your life if they succeed in harming you.

What would you do if you lost the job that your enemy is threatening to take away?

You get your resume together, learn a few new skills to make yourself more marketable on the job market and you believe that you can rebuild your life.

What would you do if the woman you are threatened by actually does snag the one you love?

You improve yourself intellectually, spiritually, financially and physically, becoming the best version of yourself so that if you do lose that person, you are in a better position to attract someone who matches the improved version of yourself.

What would you do if your enemy convinces everyone to hate you?

You decide on a new social group to join, one that adds a sense of purpose to your life. You begin learning and growing with these new people, understanding that the group that has turned against you aren’t the only people on the planet.

You can get rid of your enemies by learning to stop being an enemy to yourself. No one has ultimate power over you. No matter what they do you can still come out on top. No matter how much they try t sabotage you, you can still rebuild your life.

You have the ultimate power over what happens next. Your enemies are just tools to push you to become a better version of you.

Don’t forget who you are while you are in this world. You are more than the words they speak or the opinions they carry about you. You are who YOU say you are and they can not ever do anything to hurt you permanently.

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