‘Salary’ Tops Poll of What US Women Want to Change Most About Their Partner

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Curious to see if women would try and change their partner in some way, if given the chance, one of the leading coupon code websites in the US has conducted a survey to discover what personality traits in their partner, if any, and other things they would most like to change.

CouponCodes4u.com surveyed 2,073 American women to discover their thoughts on the matter. The survey, formed part of research into relationships and whether women would be happier to change their partner than men.

All respondents that took part in the study were in a relationship and had been with their partner for at least 6 months. All respondents were asked whether or not there were things about their partner that they wanted to change in any way, to which 65% admitted that there were. Just 18% said they wouldn’t want to change their partner in any way, while the remaining respondents were unsure. Respondents who admitted they would like to change something about their partner were then asked to list the attributes that they would change immediately, given the chance, and could select all that applied from a list of possible answers.

The top ten attributes that women would most like to change about their partner if given the chance were as follows:

1) Salary 71%
2) Attitude 69%
3) Cleanliness 54%
4) Physical appearance 46%
5) Manners 43%
6) Skills in bed 38%
7) Friends 35%
8) Family 31%
9) Fashion sense 28%
10) Hobbies 25%

Furthermore, when asked if they had ever almost broken up with their current partner over what they deemed to be “flaws”, 45% of respondents said that they had. When asked if they’d attempted to change anything about their partner in the past, 36% said that they had, with ‘fashion sense’ being the top trait that they’d attempted to change.

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